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Bullying: a universal problem.

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! I know I haven’t posted since last Sunday but I have a valid reason! My boyfriend came to visit me again and we had an awesome few days in Dublin. Now we are both back at my place and I have decided to get some work done!

Today I am going to be discussing the huge universal problem that is bullying. So here we go!

What is bullying?

The physical, mental, verbal abuse someone inflicts on another person. To make themselves feel good about themselves and their own shitty lives. So they have to hurt others around them and make them feel worthless and undeserving of kindness.

I’m almost positive everyone has experienced bullying in some stage of their life. Whether it be at home, at school or at work. It’s not fun at all and I know this from my own experience which I will discuss a little bit later.

Why do they do it?

Everyone always wonders “ What did I do to deserve this?, why are they this way?, what is their need to make others feel shit about themselves?”. I’ll tell you why… they are unhappy in their own stupid, shitty lives that the only way to make themselves feel better is to hurt others physically, verbally or mentally. I don’t care if they have had a horrible childhood or blah blah blah it DOES NOT GIVE THEM THE RIGHT TO HARM ANYONE ELSE.

Sadly that is not the only reason, Some people could have perfectly happy lives and just enjoy inflicting pain on others which can lead to a whole new problem for society.

I have had a horrible childhood but you don’t see me purposefully going out to hurt others. Yes I may do it intentionally by being 100% brutally honest but I’d rather the truth than a lie especially by someone I care about and who is supposed to care for me. Although my childhood has made me guarded and have built up so many walls that I end up pushing people away which in turn hurts them but I don’t mean it.

People who hurt others are nothing but bullies and that is the bottom line. Some people can see the error in their ways and make amendments others not so much. If they are a childhood bully and don’t see what they are doing is wrong they will most likely turn into horrible adults. You know the type of people you just want to punch them in the face to teach them a lesson but you don’t because you are a nice, civilised human being.

Who do they do it to?

Sadly it can be absolutely anybody. It doesn’t stick to the categories where hate can arise from like gender, relationship status, sexuality, religion, etc. It can go by how good (nerd) or bad (idiot) your grades are, how much makeup you wear (tramp) or lack thereof (boring), how many people slept with (slut)  or if you haven’t slept without anyone (prude), if you are skinny (anorexic) or if you have little bit of meat on you (fat) and so so much more.

The sad thing about this is if you strip every single piece of us away our skeletons are the exact  same.Not many people see everyone as equal and believe they have superiority over everyone else.

My own experiences

From the age of nine and ten I was bullied all through 3rd class by the boys. They would constantly call me names, pull my hair, kick me and even stab me with pencils in the leg ( I still have a lead mark in my leg from being stabbed).

I was called a boy because I had to get my haircut up really short. As it was falling out because of all the head lice treatment I had to constantly put in my hair because I kept catching it from other people in school.

School’s attitude towards bullying.

When my mum and I went to the principal I was the one called out of class like I was the one who had done something wrong. I had to give each and every name of the boys bullying me

THEY DID NOTHING AT ALL. I was the one punished when I started crying because a guy pulled the chair out from under me when I went to sit down and i smashed my head off the chair and the ground.

When I cried and told the teacher she kicked me out of the classroom into the schoolyard where my brother was waiting for my dad to pick him up so he could bring me home too because and I quote “ your crying is giving me a headache”.

When I fell out with the group of friends I had in secondary school. They begun turning people away from me, shoving me in the school halls, hit me in the chest with their school bags, kick me and turn people away from me.

I went to the school and yet again, THEY STILL DID NOTHING. School used to be my safe haven but sadly as my family life became worse, so did my school life. I felt so alone and couldn’t stand being there.

How does it affect people?

Bullying has a negative effect on people. For example extreme stress, tension and fear a person endures while being bullied. Bullying can lead to mental illness and sometimes suicide. Imagine feeling so helpless and worthless that the only good decision they make is to end their lives.

This is not how children should be living or even thinking about ending their lives. Children should be enjoying themselves with friends and making memories. They should not be hiding in fear and feeling so desperate they need to end it.

If you are suffering from being bullied please tell someone you trust. You should learn how to stand up for yourself. I learned to become hard as a rock. A stone cold bitch and learned how to not care about what people say or do to me.

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12 thoughts on “Bullying: a universal problem.

  1. So sorry to hear that’s you’ve been through such bad experiences but I’m glad you’re able to power through!!!

  2. Thank you for again being so honest Anne! This post will really help a lot of people. It’s so upsetting hearing about the bullying that you’ve faced and I wish there was a way to take away those memories. Know that you are loved and supported by all of us!!
    Schools really need to stamp out this bullying and if it takes us as an older generation to help that then we should be willing to. Thank you for raising this issue and for giving it the awareness it still needs.
    Lots of love,
    Molly xo

  3. Wow. This post is honest and real and I can relate. I was bullied in school and was mentally beaten down. I remember being in a classroom and two girls sat beside me and both were punching my arms during class and the teacher did nothing and said nothing. Eventually, my parents saw my deterioration and send me to a different school. Like you, I built walls around myself to feel protected. The walls I built were too high. I let almost nobody in. It took a lot of growing up (I’m much older than you) for me to grow confident enough in myself to lower those walls to let a few special people in to love me. It took tremendous courage and work for me to do that. I felt vulnerable. But, love made its way in and, of course, hurt did also. But as an adult, I was able to balance the hurt with the love and remain open. I am SO GLAD you are blogging and talking about this! I am proud of you for doing it, because as hurt as you have been, you are putting your feelings into words and releasing them into the world and the truth in your words is palpable and WILL connect you to LOVE. I am sending you mine. 🧡

  4. Anne, this is such a great post, and so truthful.

    Unfortunately, people really do bully simply because of how they view themselves, and it gets taken out on other people. I think it’s so important that people recognize this and are taught to properly handle their own emotions and struggles without taking it out on others. And the fact that schools just blow so much of this off is such a shame. If the authorities would take more action and would take it more seriously, we could see such a difference in the world!

    Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope this will begin raising awareness towards bullying and help people feel like they aren’t the only ones who have gone through this

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