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My greatest accomplishment.

I have had some big achievements in my life but the one I’m going to describe today is by far my greatest achievement by far.


Let’s get into it.


On Sunday the 26th of August, Ryan and I decided to take on Croagh Patrick. For people who don’t know what Croagh Patrick is, it is a 764m mountain and an important site of pilgrimage in County Mayo.


On this summit Saint Patrick the patron saint of Ireland fasted for 40 days. Ryan and I were supposed to climb it the day we arrived in Mayo which was the Saturday when the sun was shining.


We were both exhausted from our horrible nights sleep we had the night before which you can read here. So we decided to take it on, on the Sunday instead. I was nervous but excited. This was going to be my first ever hike.


Once we began I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. The weather was awful. It began raining as soon as we arrived which was great * Sarcasm*. The cold, the wind, the rain and I do not mix.


The set of steps before we even reached the mountain caught me off guard and I was tired as soon as I climbed those steps. I then knew I was really going to struggle. I knew I was unfit but really? I didn’t think I was THAT unfit.


This hike was one of the most difficult experiences I ever went through. Starting the climb I was tired but determined to complete this climb. Trust me that changed very quickly. Before halfway I was ready to give up.


If I didn’t have Ryan with me I would have given up right there and then.  He kept me going through the whole three and a half hour climb. I was mentally and physically exhausted. When we reached the summit I was elated. I couldn’t believe I had CLIMBED TO THE TOP OF CROAGH PATRICK.


Throughout the whole climb we got soaking wet from the rain and battered by the harsh winds. It was like a massive storm. I couldn’t believe what a horrible day it turned out to be compared to the day before when the sun was splitting the trees.


Despite the viscous weather we made it. Well more specifically I made it. Ryan had no trouble climbing this realllly hard mountain. He’s the fit one. Not me. I made it and I honestly could not believe it.  


I felt like a champion.


I would never ever have been able to do this without Ryan. Our way back down took a shorter amount of time but was more painful as a rock slipped under my feet and I tumbled a little down the mountain.


The one time Ryan wasn’t holding my hand I fell! I was annoyed but laughed it off. I really cut and bruised my legs up which I found quite funny. One hike and I absolutely bust myself up.   


Although it was tough I am glad I did it. Correction. I’m glad Ryan made me do it.


Reaching the summit of Croagh Patrick has definitely been my greatest accomplishment as of yet. My plan is to begin working out and get fitter and lose some of my chub and then head back to Croagh Patrick and beat our climb of four and a half hours up and down.

greatest accomplishment

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6 thoughts on “My greatest accomplishment.

  1. That’s incredible, well done you for getting to the summit!
    Climbs can be so challenging and the exhaustion is REAL – but you did it!
    Great post, loved this! 🧡

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