My experience with a cancelled flight.

Hi guys. Welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be discussing my experience with a cancelled flight. This was my first experience with a cancelled flight and I was terrified. Please sit back and read this post. 



On April the 4th after my week in Poland and England I was heading home. I was exhausted and just wanted to curl up in my own bed. Having a few bad days and just needed me time. I handed over my suitcase at the check in desk and made my way up to the departures area to relax before I went through security.

While I was waiting to go through security I received a text message from Aer Lingus informing me my flight was cancelled. Seeing the text I immediately felt like crying. I hate when things don’t go to plan.

cancelled flight

I had no idea what to do.  Panic was setting in. At that time my friend was still with me so I was lucky. She kept me calm and told me no matter what happened I always had a place to stay at hers for however long is needed.

I went to the check out desk to figure out what was going on and what was going to happen next.

The staff

The two women on the desk were very calm and helpful. They were working as fast as they possibly can and get through as many people as possible. They were trying to send many people on a bus to Heathrow to catch the last flight to Dublin.

The people who didn’t check their bags in could go out to the bus but sadly I couldn’t because my suitcase was airside. This flight in Heathrow wasn’t guaranteed that people would reach it on time.

I wasn’t going to take the risk and be stuck in Heathrow with no one there to help me and having no idea of where I am because I have never been to Heathrow.  So I scheduled a flight for the next morning to be safe and went back to my friends house for the night back in Brighton after I went airside to get my bag.

Other passengers reactions.

I felt sorry for the staff. There was only two of them and they had so many people to deal with. As expected many people were angry and frustrated. I even had a man yell at me because I was talking to the lady at the desk about my checked bag.

It wasn’t the woman’s fault that the flight was cancelled. They have no authority over the flights. These women just worked in the airport checking people and their bags in. Yes I was stressed and annoyed but I wasn’t going to take it out on two women who were only doing their job.

I hate when people blame absolutely anyone they can and scream and shout when things don’t go right. I have worked as a waitress and trust me I have been on the other side of the stick with customers, staff and my boss!

It’s not far and very hurtful when you have someone shouting at you over something you had no control over.  

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Anne xx 

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6 thoughts on “My experience with a cancelled flight.

  1. That’s quite an experience! I have not yet had a cancelled flight (knock on wood) but I have missed a connection and had to spend all day at the airport waiting for the next flight.

  2. This happened to me many years ago when I travelled from Italy to Portugal. My flight from Rome was delayed and I ended up missing my connecting flight in Spain. I was so stressed out as I was on a really tight budget and didn’t want to be left facing a bill. I was travelling alone too. Fortunately, they put me on the next connecting flight, without any dramas and I only had to wait 2hrs. But I did start crying in the airport and for moment my confident 20 something self, at travelling alone felt what am I doing but all worked out well in the end!

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