My top five fears

Halloween is all about fear, scares and monsters. I like to pretend I don’t have any fears but I do. I think almost everyone in the world has fears, whether they are rational or not.Today I will be discussing my top five fears and facing them. I don’t want my fears to rule my life so I want to face them today and discuss the reasons why I have my fears.



I have no idea where this fear has come from but I have always been terrified of spiders. They are so freaky looking. It may have something to do with their creepy looking eyes


To be honest I hate all kinds of bugs and butterflies and everything that crawls along the grass or mud. They are gross. I get so itchy even just thinking about them. Right now my skin is crawling!


Being alone


I’m a creature of habit. When I become close to people I become attached and I get upset when I lose contact. I hate being alone and being left with my own thoughts. Being alone is not fun. I was alone for a long time before I met my boyfriend. I struggle being alone a lot of the time but I’m glad that I now have my blog that can keep me preoccupied.


My Dad


Although my dad is not allowed to see us or come close to us anymore sadly he still lives close by. I’m not necessarily scared of him the way I used to be. Now that he isn’t in the house we can’t predict what he’s going to do anymore.


Even though the police are watching him I’m still terrified he will lose his temper one day and do something stupid.


Losing the people I love.


I think everyone fears death either their own passing or the passing of their loved ones. I know I definitely fear the death of my loved ones.


Without all the people that I love I wouldn’t have survived everything I have been through. I’m afraid that when I lose those people that I’ll become weak again and not be able to fight my own battles. This fear links in with my fear of being alone


Becoming like my father when I have children.


For as long as I can remember I have always had this huge fear of becoming like my father when I have children. I’m terrified I will end up having the sort of anger issues that he has. I never want to take my anger out on my children the way that he did.


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6 thoughts on “My top five fears

  1. I’m with you on spiders and losing the people I love. Your reasons for the latter definitely line up with mine – I have no clue how I’ll survive without them, and that truly terrifies me. Also, I know none of us can predict the future, but I’m fairly positive you won’t end up like your dad. It’s a reasonable fear, and one I’m sure others experience, but you seem to have a very kind heart and determination to be quite the opposite – I’m sure that will steer you right.

  2. This is a very interesting post to read, you can learn so much about a person by knowing what they’re scared of. I think it is also quite brave to be so open and talk about what causes you fear as it is such a strong emotion! I’m scared of birds and death. Death gives me such anxiety it can stop me in my tracks. Hopefully one day I will get over that fear
    Alex x

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