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Hello my lovelies. Welcome back to my new blog post. Today I am going to be writing about my stay in the lovely Bed and Breakfast Acara House. I stayed in this bed and breakfast from the 15th to the 18th of August. I had a really enjoyable stay here at Acara House. Liz was a great hostess and would have done anything to make sure we felt comfortable and happy while staying here.

Before we picked a place to stay I did a lot of research of many B&B’s in Dublin and I believe I picked the best one! It was the cheapest option at the time and it was in a great location. We were minutes away from bus stops that could bring us to anywhere in the city centre.  You can walk to O’Connell street from this B&B. It is in such a central position to the city centre. It was great because you could walk around and just enjoy the nice weather that we received.If you want to see what we did on those great days click here and here.  


Liz offers a traditional Irish breakfast and also a continental breakfast if you feel a little fancy in the morning. The rooms are beautiful and very cosy. Although we had a mishap one of the nights with the window! The cleaner left the window open and it began to rain. The room we stayed in was an extension to her house and the window was at a height and you needed a stick with a hook to close it.

Acara House

My friend and I had brought a Chinese back to the B&B and we had no idea if we were allowed to bring food back into the room. We were chilling on the bed and enjoying our Chinese watching Blood on the Wire (amazing show that can be found on Youtube if you enjoy criminal minds or anything of that sort, you would love this show). All of a sudden something caught my eye. Rain was pouring down the wall and soaking the bed. We had to jump up and try close the window but we couldn’t! I grabbed a towel and tried to block the rain from soaking the room. My friend had the genius idea of putting the Chinese in the bathroom but that was unhygienic so we hid the Chinese in the wardrobe.

Acara House

So we had to go and get Liz to close the window. In all honesty she most likely could smell the Chinese and wouldn’t have had a problem with it but being the panickers that we hid it and could barely contain our laughter as Liz was shutting the window.  The B&B was cosy and warm and I really enjoyed my stay here.

If you are looking for a nice pub to sit in, relax and eat. There is an amazing pub called Fagan’s a few minutes walk away from Acara House. I enjoyed a gorgeous steak sandwich and chips all smothered in a creamy pepper sauce while my friend enjoyed a carbonara. The staff were lovely and the atmosphere was so lively. Definitely worth the visit if you want a nice, relaxed evening.

The price for one nights stay was €40 per night per person which was the cheapest I could find in this area so please check out this great B&B if you want to stay in Dublin for a few nights.


Thank you for reading my lovelies! Have a great weekend. 

acara house

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6 thoughts on “Review of Acara House Dublin.

  1. Always great to pick up a good tip about accommodation in capital cities. Hotels in Dublin are so expensive! Sounds like the owner was cool with your takeaway, your photo of it in the cupboard made me laugh 😊

  2. Dublin is usually a pretty expensive city so amazing you got such a good deal! I am also loving the Chinese food story – totally something I see myself doing hahaha! Glad you had ana enjoyable stay and will definitely have to check it out if I go to Dublin! Xx

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