My visit to the Jameson Distillery in Dublin.

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. Like I previously mentioned in my post on my four days in Dublin post that you can read here. I visited the Jameson Distillery on my last day in Dublin with my boyfriend before we went back to my house so he could meet my family.

Jameson Distillery


We went early in the morning which probably wasn’t the best idea when we hadn’t had much breakfast. When we first walked inside we were in a huge seating/bar area that was beautifully designed.

We got our tickets printed and we headed to where the tour began on the second floor. We were met by Jessica our lovely Australian tour guide. She told us to have a look around at all the images and facts on the wall before she started the tour.

Jameson Distillery
Jameson Distillery

The Tour

The tour began with some information about the history of Jameson, where it came from, Jameson’s family history and much more. Then we were led into a dimly lit room to hear the full Jameson story. A video was played on an interactive board as Jessica told us the history and the meaning behind Jameson.

Next we were led into another room full of things we could get involved in for example feeling and tasting the malt, smelling the different scents of maturing whiskey in different barrels and the scent of different distilling methods.

Jameson Distillery

Whiskey Tasting

The next part of the tour I didn’t find very enjoyable. Whiskey Tasting. Although I am 18 and allowed to drink alcohol I don’t drink or like to drink very much. We went into the circular tasting room and in front of us we had three shot glasses of whiskey and a big glass of water. I wasn’t looking forward to this part. I don’t like whiskey very much.

Jameson Distillery
Jameson Distillery


We were given an Irish whiskey, Scottish whisky and an American whiskey. All tasted equally as disgusting as one another. I was choking and spluttering as soon as I had to taste each one. The whiskey went straight to my head! It probably didn’t help that I didn’t have a lot to eat for breakfast! Each whiskey I tasted was disgusting!

 End of tour

At the end of the tour we were led back into the sitting/bar area and we could collect our free drink that we get with our ticket. I did not want straight whiskey again so I got whiskey, ginger ale and lime. Each time I took a sip, I shivered because of the whiskey. I didn’t finish the drink I didn’t want to go to the zoo drunk!


I really enjoyed this tour more so the tour at the Guinness Storehouse that you can read here. If you’re in Ireland and have an hour to spare I suggest you buy your tickets here! Even if your not a fan of whiskey I think you will enjoy learning all the history and how it is made.

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Anne xx

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14 thoughts on “My visit to the Jameson Distillery in Dublin.

  1. Oh no 🙈 w whiskey tour perhaps isn’t the best idea for someone who doesn’t like whiskey 😂 but the history is so interesting. Did your boyfriend enjoy it?

  2. Lol this cracked me up. Every whiskey was disgusting lol. I’m sure you didn’t have to drink it if you didn’t want to lol my hubs is teetotal so isn’t interested in this sort of thing but I’d love it and probably drink his share too lol. Looks like the most spectacular distillery.

  3. I don’t like whisky either! But I do like the smell of it which is really odd! I do enjoy wandering round distillerys (I would probably prefer this to the guiness factory too?) x

  4. I loved visiting that place, I found the guide to be extremely well spoken and knowledgeable (which is what they’re supposed to be, but that’s not always the case). I remember stealing a glass from the bar, but karma got the better of me and I broke the glass shortly after that.


  5. I’m not a big drinker either and have never been able to drink whiskey ( I am coming to appreciate gin though) but I love to see how a product is crafted and to explore the heritage of a brand. I think its interesting to see the history and the process, even if the finished result isn’t to your taste.

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