My twos day in London.

Hello my lovelies. Welcome back to my blog. Todays post is going to be about my amazing two days in London. Those two days were so busy! The only time we were in our hotel was when we were sleeping. I absolutely love London, my god it was amazing. I was super excited to visit London and couldn’t wait to spend my two days there. If you any of you have not been there I definitely recommend that you go. Next time I visit I need to experience more new things and visit new places. Comment below some places that you would suggest for me to visit the next time I am in London.

The itinerary for this trip was:          31/10/17 Hop on Hop off Bus tour 

                                                                                  Jack the Ripper Tour

                                                                 1/11/17 Imperial War Museum

                                                                                 London Dungeons

                                                                                 London eye

                                                                                 Buckingham Palace.

Jack the Ripper Tour

This tour was another great buy off Viator. Our guide Magnus Nielson was brilliant. Amazing name right?! He was so eccentric and funny. He made me laugh so much. I really enjoyed this tour. We travelled through London on a Jack the Ripper designed bus. It was so cool! We got brought around London to the places where Jack the Rippers victims were found which was creepy and interesting at the same time. The group of people I was with on this tour were of all nationalities and also tourists in London like myself. I’d recommend this tour if you love weird, creepy and interesting topics like serial killers.  Magnus was such an amazing guide you have to go on his tour. ( Link for tour here).

Jack the Ripper tour

Imperial War Museum

Again for the history buffs this museum is definitely for you. There are many floors to this museum but I just went to the Holocaust exhibition. This was one of the best exhibitions I have ever been to. I have learned so much from this one display. Seeing many artefacts and photographs turned my stomach and I couldn’t believe some of the things I read or saw. I visited this museum before I went to Auschwitz and this provided a rock solid foundation for travelling to Poland. This place was so eye opening as they had personal belongings from prisoners in Auschwitz for example their clothes, shoes and even a girls little handmaid doll. Go and see this exhibition and go through the rest of the museum too.

London Dungeons

Now this place was my favourite part of these two days. Travelling through England’s dark and gruesome history with many amazing interactive actors adding to the experience. The Dungeons is right beside the London Eye so you can kill two birds with one stone. As you enter into the entrance area. There is loud and ominous drum beats sound throughout the reception. All the staff are dressed old fashioned and play the parts of people from a different era really well. Before you start the tour you are lead into a green room where you get your photos taken of your head in the stocks and the second person is pretending to chop off your head. Sweeney Todd’s barber shop was my favourite part of the whole tour. If you go here you’ll see why. The actress who played Mrs Lovett was absolutely amazing and portrayed the character perfectly.

london trip

The London Eye

Imagine this….. the sun is setting and you are slowly rising up into the sky as the sun is setting across the horizon. This was the scene I experienced as I was on the London Eye. It was the most amazing view. I was mesmerised by the view below. The pictures I have added to this blog do not do the view that I saw any justice. We honestly picked the perfect time to go on this ride. Every one in the pod was in awe of the scene and so many pictures were taken. A lovely German family took a picture of my friend and I with the view in the background. I definitely recommend going on the London eye to save some money you can get tickets to buy two attractions for the price of one and other deals This is what we used so I suggest you look into those deals!

Buckingham Palace

LAST BUT NOT LEAST.. the one place every single person asks if you saw when you travel to London is Buckingham Palace. We went when it was dark and it was still amazing. Buckingham Palace has to be on the top of your to do list. The next time I visit I need to go and see the changing of the guard.

london trip

So there you have it my trip to London. Check out more of my posts here!

Anne xx


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22 thoughts on “My twos day in London.

  1. Ooh, I love the characters from Sweeney Todd, what a mix of hilarity and horror! I haven’t been to London in a long time, but I liked it when I visited there, it is one of the world’s great cities.

  2. So great that you get to see London, it’s been in my bucket list for so long!! I think you did great managing to pack up all of these schedules to two days! You did London justice 🙂 My favourite was the london eye! I’ve always wanted to see london from above, especially from sunset. Must be beautiful. I’m so curious about that Jack the Ripper tour though! I think if I ever go to London I’ll need at least a week to do everything haha! Love your post x

    1. Thank you so much! I’ll be going back to do much more and stay for longer which I look forward too! Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it so much!!

  3. Wow, you packed a lot in to your two days! I love a stroll along the South Bank by the river and there’s always little markets and street food stalls dotted about. Greenwich is also a great place for a wander.

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