My day in Bradford, England.

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I know I haven’t been posting much lately but here is my next post on what I did in Bradford for the day I was there. So here you go! 

What I did in Bradford:

Peel Park

The first thing we did after dropping our bags off at the hotel we were staying in. We then headed to Peel Park. This was a big, beautiful park that we could have spent hours in.

In the middle of the park was a big, beautiful pond full of ducks and swans. Dotted throughout the park’s pathway you could find statues and monuments.

Little Germany

This place was a bit of a disaster. Little Germany was advertised as a  part of town where you could walk through cobblestone streets and enjoy German statues.

But no. In reality this place was HUGE and little parts were spread out all over the area so you couldn’t enjoy what they were advertising.

In all honesty I was expecting so much more. It was all over the place and I was disappointed.

Sunbridge wells

After about 20 minutes of walking around the perimeter of this place we finally figured out how we got inside this building. It is designed beautifully and is quite old fashioned. Inside there was an old sweet shop, a coffee shop and a few pubs that served really fancy food that I didn’t want to try.

I’m the type of person who tries new things if it’s on someone elses plate and if I like it I’ll order it the next time. I won’t order something I have never tried before in the case I don’t like it and won’t eat it. It’s not practical.

So instead of eating there we just walked around and explored the building for awhile. It was really interesting and pretty to walk around and relax for awhile.

Buffalo Grill

My boyfriend found a gorgeous steakhouse where we had dinner that evening. On the menu you picked which cut of steak that you wanted, what rub you wanted on your steak, two sides and your choice of sauce.

My choice was sirloin steak with no rub, corn on the cob, chips and pepper sauce. Oh my god, it was mouthwatering.

My steak was cooked to my usual medium to well done. It was juicy, tender and delicious. My chips were crispy. The sweetcorn was cooked to perfection. It was the most amazing sweetcorn I have ever tasted.

Centenary Square: City Park Mirror Pool  

It is the most beautiful sight. It was a gorgeous, warm summers day and children were enjoying running through the streams of water staying cool. So many people were just sitting around enjoying the warm weather and the pretty sight in front of them. We decided to come back at night time to see the lights in the water jets.

Returning the next night drunk and full of KFC. It was so beautiful almost magical. We had a very cute coupley moment watching the water, enjoying the lights and each others company after a great day.  


Bradford is a really pretty city and there are some good things to do to keep you busy for a short stay. I enjoyed my stay here and will always be a place  of  significance to me because this is where my long distance boyfriend and I first met. 

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