An open letter to the educational system.

Today I am going to be discussing how the educational system failed me during my time of need in the most important two years of my whole school career. To read more of my mental health posts  click here!


To the educational system,


For as long as I can remember school used to be my favourite place in the world. It was my safe haven. I had so many friends and I loved to learn new things. This was when I was still living in Dublin and had no idea what was going on in my house was wrong and not normal.


Moving to where I live now that all completely changed. I began to get bullied. I got punched, kicked, stabbed with pencils and so much more for practically two years. No matter how many times my mum and I went to the principal countless of times.


Do you think that stopped it?….


Nope. It didn’t. I was the one called out of class, made feel like I was the one getting in trouble. I was the one kicked out of class when the chair was pulled out from under me and I smashed my head off the chair and then the ground. The teacher told ME to shut up when I started crying.

Do you think this is right?


Because I sure as hell don’t think it is. Bullying is not right! It never will be right.  Secondary school was even worse. The abuse in my family was getting even worse and I needed support in school. I was bullied each year by people I wasn’t friends with and then the group of friends I had turned against me because I had an argument with one person in the group.


I went to the principal over it and what did she say? Oh that’s right!  I was overreacting. They went to the guidance counsellor about me and made up a bunch of lies, I got hit with bags as I walked through the school halls, I got people turned against me for no reason and so much more shit.


Bullying isn’t even my main point that I want to discuss.


Mental health is the main issue I am going to discuss. Like I previously mentioned my home situation wasn’t normal. I was in an abusive household that was run by my abusive father. As I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and my mum and father were going through a viscous court battle. I was a complete mess.


I couldn’t go to school, my grades were dropping, I couldn’t concentrate and I was missing a whole lot of school. My mum had spoken to all my teachers, my principal, deputy principal and my year head. Even after all of this I still got called out of class to say I was missing too many days. I’d get snarky comments from teachers when I would have to go to school because my mum convinced me to go. I was struggling and I got no help from anyone except my year head who done everything in her power to help me.


Mental Health


Mental health affects so many young adults nowadays and schools need to be able to support their students. I didn’t receive any support in the school I was in. Teachers need to be more understanding with students. The guidance counsellor at my school was no help at all. She was supposed to be there to help me prepare for college and also help me get through my tough times but she didn’t.


Things need to change for students suffering with mental health. They need to have someone that will listen and understand them. Don’t let them suffer alone, I beg this of you. Don’t let them fight these demons on their own. Promote positivity towards mental health, check in on your students and let them know you are there for them.

Things need to change NOW! The educational system towards mental health is a joke. People need help not to be brushed under the carpet. There is more than one way to get an education. 



Thank you all for reading! Let me know how your mental health was either helped or not while you were in school! Don’t forget to subscribe for my FREE Travel Tricks and Tips for First Time Travellers HERE

Anne xx



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17 thoughts on “An open letter to the educational system.

  1. I’m so sorry you went through those things! I have been bullied in the past, too, although mine was mostly through words and seldom turned physical. Regardless, it’s a devastating experience.

    Especially if you have other things going on at home, as pupils often do.

    It’s so important that the education system starts to pay attention and take more notice of mental health in students. For many, this can be where the issue starts – it would be wonderful if it was tackled early and they had the support they needed to get back on track.

    Brilliant post about a very important subject!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that your school failed you so badly. They should be the ones helping in these kinds of situations, not making things worse.
    I struggled with anxiety around the time I was doing my GCSEs. I felt unable to do my exams in the main school hall and couldn’t even step foot in there without panicking. Thanks for my absolutely fantastic tutor I got fast tracked past everything and was able to do my exams separately, with her support throughout. However when it came to my A-Levels I was told that I “wasn’t severe enough”, and “didn’t really need any support”, and as she wasn’t my tutor anymore I didn’t have anyone fighting my corner. As a result when I started university I had to spend months fighting to get my support back from the disability service, all because my school were unable to provide evidence.
    So, I guess what I’m saying is that I’ve seen it from both sides. I’ve had support from school, and problems with it. That’s enough to say to me that things should be changing.

    Megan //

    1. They definitely should be changing. No matter what. How can someone rank your feelings when they have no clue how you feel! I’m glad things got better for you and you got the support eventually!

  3. Sadly, you are not alone with this. I made very similar experiences 20 years ago and in my job with kids I still see the same thing happening today. Kids who are different, who go through a tough time or struggle in some way are left behind. And not even in favour of supporting the stronger ones. They need to fight, too. Many teachers don’t seem to have the ability or the time (?) to actually look at their students and support them. Instead kids get the feeling it’s all a race and they only have value if they deliver and function.
    You’d think in 2018 we’d have started to care for creativity and individuality.

  4. Nice one! I don’t think bullies are the biggest issues here either. It’s the pressure the young people who go through while chasing good grades and trying to satisfy their parents expectations that’s causing the biggest trouble.
    After finishing college, I felt so overfed with everything, which is why I’ve decided not to go through that nightmare ever again!

    1. I’m honestly just so lucky my mum listened to me and let me decide what I wanted to do! Mental health really needs to be made more aware to teachers. Yes they do mental health awareness week but do they actually look at the students they have? Nope

  5. I’m very surprised, your school experience was so similar to mine! I really liked school until about sixth grade but after that it was just a nightmare. It didn’t seem to matter which school I was shuttled to, they all were pretty awful. Eventually I just decided to stay put.
    What made me the saddest was seeing that I was not alone. A lot of other kids I knew were homeless, abused at home or trying to work to feed their families since their parents either couldn’t or wouldn’t, and yet the teachers treated them like annoyances at best. Thank you so much to every perceptive and kind teacher out there, you make a world of difference to your students!

  6. I’m so sorry this happened to you! My experiences were not even a touch on yours; I had massive anxiety issues with school exams, which is one of my main annoyances about the educational system. I am still unsure if I am going to be putting my daughter into the main stream schooling system as I don’t believe so much pressure should be place on children from such a young age, in that respect I do not feel that mental health is taken seriously either. I found very little support at school and more of a culture of victim blaming. It is high time that the education system was overhauled in my opinion. X

    1. I 100% agree I will worry when I have children and wonder if they have any of the problems I had that they won’t get the help they need and I know I won’t be able to keep myself in check if it happens! It honestly needs to change.

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