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My fitness Journey.

Blogtober day eleven:

When I was young I was always active and I played Camogie, Gaelic football and karate. As my siblings came along and my mum begun going in and out of hospital because she was so ill. My father began to stop me from playing the sports I loved to take care of my siblings, etc.

As a result of this I stopped being active and began to get chubby. I never was a huge fan of how of my body filled out during puberty. My hips got wide and I have thick thighs and a bit of a belly that I hate showing off.

Why have I decided to start a fitness journey?

Recently Ryan and I had made a huge decision to climb Croagh Patrick mountain. I was excited yet nervous because I have never went for a hike before. Oh my god. The mountain killed me. You can read all about it here!

While on this climb I was so close to giving up but Ryan kept me going and kept pushing me forward. While I was hiking and trying not to think of the pain I made the decision that I was going to get fit and come again to climb this mountain in less time than I did on the first time.

How am I going to get fit?

Once I got home I began doing a lot of research and discussing it with Ryan because he loves his fitness. Eventually I found a good beginners workout that I could start doing each day. Below is the workout I am aiming to complete. Ryan and I have slowly built up my endurance by starting off with just the routine and then pushing myself up more and more so by next week I should be able to complete the full routine each day.  


I also began looking at eating a lot healthier too. Ryan has got me to try protein powder to start having with porridge and to add it to the smoothies that I will be making for lunch! I am really excited to get healthy and work hard to get fit. Who knows I might love it! I need to work on my water intake too. I hate the taste of water and I usually drink a ton of energy drinks that aren’t good for me.


While ordering the protein powder for My Protein Ryan also ordered flavouring to add to my water. We got a strawberry and apple flavour and they are amazing. I love them and I know I will enjoy drinking water from now on.


Ryan has been a huge huge support for me and has helped me form a regular routine of working out. He pushes me hard and I hate him for it at the time but in the end I know it benefits me in the long run.



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4 thoughts on “My fitness Journey.

  1. First of all, you have a really great shape! Just my very humble opinion. That stated, my opinion doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get fit. I’m happy you have a support system and stay motivated on your journey. I’ve recently made the choice to change the way I eat, my next step is exercise!

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