Dublin: My fun filled four days.

After Ryan ( my boyfriend) finally arrived in Dublin after almost an hour flight delay. We made our way into Dublin’s city centre to check into our accommodation in Aparto Binary Hub and drop off our bags.



The location of this accommodation was perfect for everything that we wanted to do.The longest we had to walk was about 35 minutes. It looked like a rough neighbourhood but it was quiet and we had no problems. These apartments are rented out during the school year for student accommodation so it has to be quite central and safe for students all year round.


From the minute we stepped into the reception area we were greeted by some lovely staff. They worked fast and had us in our room in no time at all. We met a new member of staff and she was trained really well for the short time she had been there. You wouldn’t have guessed she was new until she said it.



The facilities here were amazing. A full kitchen was fitted in each apartment block, there was a games room with a big tv, books, board games, games consoles, a pool table and vending machines. This room was amazing. Across from our apartment block was a gym that could be used all day for free.


The price was good for three nights. The room was worth the money that was paid for three nights.


The room was really comfortable and the bed was so soft and I slept really well here for the three nights.


That night we went to the cinema in Parnell street. We went to see the Incredibles 2 after so many years of waiting! It was AMAZING and worth the wait. I really enjoyed the movie and had a great laughing watching the Incredible family learn how to function as a family in their new roles.  


The Garden of Remembrance

I have previously posted about the Garden of Remembrance which you can read here. I took Ryan here to show him why I love this site of historical significance. It is quiet, peaceful and very relaxing sitting here. Sadly it was raining during that visit and I didn’t take any pictures but you’re in luck! I have photos from a previous visit!

Garden of Remembrance

Dedicated to those who gave their 

lives in the cause of Irish Freedom


The National Wax Museum

Before I talk about the national wax museum I just want to say a big thank you to them for allowing me the opportunity for complimentary tickets. Within the next week I will be doing a full post of the wax museum so make sure you check that out! I had no idea what to expect when we first walked inside. I knew there would be wax figures everywhere but I was so shocked when I walked through the door and saw Golem right in front of me.


We had a lot of fun here and for many people who know me very well they know I love horror movies. So look at this!


I meet Billy! 


Guinness storehouse

Later that evening we headed eight minutes down the road from our accommodation to the Guinness Storehouse. We were standing inside the world’s largest pint! It was amazing. Although the Guinness storehouse was designed beautifully and full of information I got quite bored walking around and reading. I would have enjoyed my visit more if we had gotten a tour guide. I don’t even like Guinness I just visited here because I wanted to give Ryan the whole Irish experience.


For dinner we went to the 10 thousand restaurant in O’connell street. It is a buffet style restaurant. To be completely honest I was disappointed. Some of the food was only slightly warm, there wasn’t that much of a choice and the food was quite bland. I don’t think anything will ever compete with the red hot buffet in Leeds which you can read here.


Bubble waffle factory

Ryan has a habit of finding amazing dessert places and my god this place was a huge win. Located in Temple Bar I couldn’t believe this tiny little place designed these amazing desserts. It was so busy when we were there and it was in a alley way where not many people would know it is there. 


St Stephen’s Green

The next day we decided to have lunch in St Stephen’s Green. It took us almost an hour to walk from our accommodation when it should have taken us a lot less time. But no, my phone had to fuck up and send us the LONG way. I was so tired and grumpy when we finally reached the park. The park was beautiful and full of people. It was a gorgeous, warm day and so many people were enjoying their breaks from work, their picnics and so much more.


Natural history museum

Feeling better after eating we headed to the natural history museum. This was a really interesting museum. I enjoyed walking through the display cases of all the animals throughout the two floors.

Jameson Distillery Bow Street Dublin

This tour was amazing. Starting at 10 we were brought through the museum being told the stories of Jameson. At the end of this tour we had a taste testing and this was not a good idea after only having a slice of toast for breakfast. If you have been to Jameson or you are planning on visiting it. You have been or are going to be so lucky to have gained Jessica’s sweet, kind, caring. I would definitely recommend this trip.


On our last day we spent the day in the Phoenix Park and Dublin zoo. You can read my post on Dublin zoo here

Thank you for reading this really long post. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe it inspired you to visit Ireland! 

Thanks, Anne x 

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12 thoughts on “Dublin: My fun filled four days.

  1. This makes me want to visit there! It sounds like you had a lovely time. I loved the wax museum pics and can’t wait to see more about it

  2. Dublin would be amazing!! I’m so jealous of your trip! I’ve always wanted to go to a wax museum, as well! I didn’t know Dublin even had one. So cool. And I still haven’t seen The Incredibles 2. Isn’t that awful? LOL

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