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Preparing to move to a different country: Collaboration with Lavrax.

Blogtober Day Twelve: 

Today I have had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with Lavrax. Today we will both be discussing preparing to move to a different country. You can read mine HERE on the lovely Lavrax’s blog. 

Let’s meet Lavrax!

Hi guys! Thank you so much to Anne for having me on her blog as part of a collab, you can find her wonderful post on my blog here! We decided to write about preparing to move abroad, me having done it myself, and Anne planning to do it next year. If you like what you see today you can find my blog over at 🌻 I write about all things random! Including mental health, true crime, women empowerment, love and positivity and much more! I welcome you all to connect with me, I love love love meeting new people and making new friends.

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Have you ever thought about moving to a different country? Picture it now, where would you move to? I would be on my way to none other than the land down under. I don’t mean hell, hit pause on that spooky mentality for a second. (Did I just say that? please ignore that, please stay spooky.)

Have you thought about your country? Are you excited? Good, you absolutely should be! 

In your lifetime you are likely to move from wherever feels familiar to you. You will have probably already moved houses, maybe more than a couple of times, maybe cities or states. It’s a super exciting time and you should cherish all moments of it!

But who knew that it could also be that stressful and emotionally challenging? 

Moving countries is a whole lot of stress, stress, and stress. I know this feeling all too well having moved to England from sunny Colombia. 

In hindsight I really wished that I could have had more advice on this matter to help with everything that I was feeling. But what better way to put this to use than to extend that advice to someone that might need it? Even if it’s not for you… You better keep reading now because I will be sad if you leave. Do not make me sad. 

Having had first-hand experience myself and looking at the rest of my family move countries and their experiences, I am able to share with some hindsight some things that could have helped everything run a lot smoother.  

How do I make this new country feel more homely?

  1. The day you arrive is a day that you never forget. I remember that day clear in my mind and how I spent it. Really splash out on some self-care on this day, just as you do when you need all the comfort you can get. Even if the reason you moved is not particularly sad, you might be stressed and you might be emotional without knowing it. Try to bring your favourite plush (Yes even those who are 11+ can benefit from this), or your favourite pillow or blanket. I suggest something that you can physically hold, that smells of familiarity.
  1. Talk to your family. Just talk to them. They will want to know how you’re doing, and you will definitely miss that comfort. Even if you thought that running away from them might have sounded like a great idea before actually leaving them behind. DO NOT let the idea that you’ve moved to a new country so you’ve started a new and amazing life get to your head! Your family are the best people you can have, and by that I’m including your friends as well. Do not forget your friendships.
  1. Use social media. Another amazing thing about this generation is that it is so easy to find people and friends to connect with, pretty much anywhere! Even if it takes a little bit of work to find someone that you actually want to be friends with, there are definitely people out there and they are more than likely to have some sort of social media, right? I mean, who doesn’t nowadays…?
  1. Manage expectations. Please have realistic expectations! At the same time don’t fall into negativity. Yes, you have moved to this country for a reason, maybe to be with someone, or a job, or it’s simply a great country! But believe me as much as you try to make the best out of everything, things happen and people/places/jobs can let you down. Don’t expect absolute disappointment, but be ready for the hardships.
  1. Journal/ blog/ create. You will probably be feeling so many things that you seriously will need a safe space to let it all out. This is another thing that I didn’t do or have, being a child, having no privacy to do my own thing, but if you have that chance then do not pass it up. It will be amazing in a couple of year’s time how your feelings or ambitions of your new home may have changed. It might even be a nice reminder of the person you were then and the person that you are now.

Some logistics…

Locate everything you need. Well first look at the things that you actually need

These things include:

  1. Emergency services: Hospitals/ A&E in case you need it, and for future reference 
  2. Supermarkets – for those last minute things 
  3. Locate all your transport links! 
  4. Know how you will get to your job, if you have one!
  5. And of course, your local pub – or literally anywhere that will give you beer. 

If there is any more advice that you can give please leave it in the comments! 

Thank you so much to Anne for having me on her blog! You can find more of Lavrax on:


Twitter: lavraxb

Instagram: lavraxblogs 

Lots of love. 

different country

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7 thoughts on “Preparing to move to a different country: Collaboration with Lavrax.

  1. This is a really neat idea to have a blog swap about moving to another country! These are great tips and I can’t wait to be in that mode when / if I DO move away. Like I stated on Lavrax’s blog, I’m also in an LDR relationship 🙂 and it’s tough!

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