The National Wax Museum

Before I begin writing this post I just want to say a huge thank you to the National Wax Museum for giving me complimentary tickets. So here it my post on my visit!

On the 1st of August my boyfriend and I visited the National Wax Museum.I was excited because I had never been before. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be given the opportunity of  complimentary because of my blog. This was my first BIG win in blogging even though it was only small I was so proud of myself and my blog.

The National Wax Museum App

When we first arrived we were met with the most lively and bubbly person I have ever met. She was so lovely and was very interested in my blog and if I was making a career out of it. The first thing I would have to say about The National Wax Museum is that they don’t advertise their app “ Waxmagic” enough and it was given to us before we stepped inside.

It cost us some time to wait for it to download and set it up. The one suggestion I have is that they promote it more before people go in. So heads up if you’re planning on going to The National Wax Museum download the app before arriving. You can use this app to scan images throughout the museum and learn more about the wax figures. Some of them can even talk to you! It looks kind of creepy if I’m being honest. Bring earphones! We couldn’t use it properly because we couldn’t hear it very well. Sadly this app is only for download on the playstore so all you Apple lovers you’re out of luck! 


When we first walked in we were met face to face with figures from Star Wars and Golem from The Lord of the Rings. The detail was amazing and I couldn’t believe that these were made from wax. They looked so real. I’ll let the images do the talking!

The National Wax Museum

Isn’t he just so “precious”! 

Right below this figure is a tunnel that children can have some fun climbing through to get to the next floor. Yes I did it and so did my boyfriend. It was fun. Hey don’t give me that disapproving look! I’m small enough to be classed as a child so shush! 

My boyfriend on the other hand was not child size! Even though he is older I could swear he was the younger, immature one!

The science room

This room was full of activities that you could interact with and have some fun with science. I’m not a huge science fan but this was a pretty cool room to be in. You can learn all about electronics, turbines, electricity and so much more in this room.

There was a huge robotic dinosaur that swung it tail, roared and moved it’s head in the middle of the room. I found it quite cute.

The National Wax Museum
The National Wax Museum

Using this ball Ryan kept creating an electrical current and shocking me,thinking he was funny. If I’m being honest going through this museum we became more childish and had a really fun time.

To get to the Hall of Fame we had to go through the mirror maze. I was terrified going through here because I was so scared of walking face first into a mirror. Luckily neither Ryan or I smacked into a mirror and got through safely, Although a little boy wasn’t so lucky and went face first into a mirror. I know I know it’s not nice to laugh! But who wouldn’t laugh if they seen that. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt in anyway or I would have felt bad.

Hall of Fame

Many icons throughout the years stood proud in this hall from Irish presidents, David Bowie, Elvis and Michael Jackson. The only annoyance I had was that Donald Trump stood along these iconic people. I could have sworn these figures were real. It’s crazy how realistic and detailed these pieces are.

The National Wax Museum
The National Wax Museum

Writer’s room

In this pub scene many of Irish well known writers. Traditional Irish music is played in this scene and you can learn a lot about this iconic men in this scene.

The National Wax Museum

Wax World

This was one of my favourite rooms! From characters like spongebob and other children’s cartoons, characters from children’s books and HARRY POTTER. I was so excited walking through this room loving each and every figure here.

Sports stars

The sports star room was next. I’m not a huge fan of sports so I kind of had no idea who these people were all except the notorious Conor Mcgregor.

Throughout the basement level of the museum we walk through many scenes from Irish history.

These are:


                 St. Patrick



                 Kingdom of Ireland




                 Modern Ireland

Now we get back to another one of my favourite parts of this museum! I could barely contain my excitement when I seen these figures. If you don’t like horror movies I warn you DON’T LOOK AT THE NEXT IMAGES!

Horror Hotel, Dublin Dungeons and Chambers of Horrors.

I loved walking through this horror scene seeing the many figures of nightmares and horror movies. I came face to face with Freddy Kruger, Billy, vampires, werewolves and so many other monsters that come out to play in the dark.

And last but not least the Enchanted forest

Many old Irish folklore stories are placed in this scene. It’s quite the magical and mystical setting and gives the whole experience the Irish feel.

Thank you for reading this blog post. Please like/comment/share and subscribe if you enjoyed this post. If you want to read about my other adventures in Dublin read here.

Again a huge huge thank you to The National Wax Museum for this me this amazing opportunity. 

Anne xx 

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8 thoughts on “The National Wax Museum

  1. This sounds like a great day out – amazing you were gifted free entry due to your blog – well done! I think downloading the app prior to arrival is a good idea to save time.

  2. I love that the museum includes a science room! That is so cool. We have an awesome science museum near Detroit, as well! Those are so fun! And honestly, the enchanted forest just sounds enticing by the name. Especially one in Ireland! I can only imagine. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

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