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Why you should go to a blog event.

Hi guys welcome back to my blog. On the 7th of July I attended my first ever blog event hosted by the great @icelollyholidays. I had an amazing time and met so many amazing people.

I was nervous about going so I dragged my boyfriend along who doesn’t really have an interest in blogging. Sorry babe! I had no idea what to expect and I’m not the type of person who has confidence when walking into a room full of people that I don’t know.

blog event

I’m not one for socialising so my boyfriend had the pleasure of being dragged along. It was a good conversation starter if I’m honest. So now that my awkward socialising slowly eased as more alcohol was consumed. I begun seeing the reasons why everyone should go to blog events.


Meeting fellow like minded people


My first reason for attending a blog event is to meet people who are like us! Who love to write, create content, take photographs, edit photographs, promote our work and the work of others that we love.


At the blog at the beach event I met with people that I had no idea I already knew through connecting on twitter. I honestly had no idea that I knew people here!



This event was run by the travel company icelolly. This is a great opportunity for travel bloggers like myself to network and promoting my blog to one day collaborate with them in a mutually beneficial collaboration.


Ice lolly can reach a new engaging audience and I can also have the backing of a growing company with the possibility of payment and promotion of my blog and social medias. This is just an example to show you the opportunity you can have attending a companies event!


Learn new ways of blogging from meeting bloggers


As I was talking to people and discussing our blogs I received so much information about plugins, apps, other events and things I never knew when I began blogging.


It has been a great help because these people have been working on their blogs much longer than me and their advice was so much help to begin improving my blog.


These bloggers had to experiment with many different strategies. This has been by trial and error. With this advice I don’t need to spend so much time experimenting with different strategies.


From the wonderful Vix Meldrew I learned I need to create my whole package. From the gorgeous Sophia I learned to begin working with the media and from Sabina I learned to embrace YouTube.


Thank you Icelolly for the wonderful speakers that have given us some great advice that I have begun to implement these strategies on my blog.

blog event

Face to Face meeting


Meeting with bloggers that I’ve been connecting with online was terrifying! Online we are great at talking and connecting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.


In life we are awkward as hell but as everyone got more comfortable throughout the day and the cider began flowing everyone began talking more which in end helped us.


We can now meet with people and discuss our passion for blogging.We begun to learn how to talk good about ourselves and our blogs. So please attend an event, learn how to promote yourself and your blog!


If you can’t do that how are you supposed to promote yourself to brands and other bloggers! I have gained a lot more confidence since I attended and can talk about my blog, what my aims are for my blog and where I hope to be with my blog!


Thank you for reading this blog post! I really enjoyed this blog event and I greatly encourage you to attend some events for the many reasons I have listed above. Please like/comment/share this post if you enjoyed it!

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9 thoughts on “Why you should go to a blog event.

  1. I love that you brought your boyfriend! I’d do the same thing and then have to fill him with alcohol. 😂 I’m going to have to get the guts to to to one of these!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time.

    I’ve been to one blogger event early on only few weeks after I started blogging and I was nervous but really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to attending more in the future and meeting more bloggers face to face 🙂

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