Looking to go on an Ireland road trip?

Hi guys! I’m so excited to share this post with you all! Ryan and I recently went on a five day road trip and since I’ve come home I have been working on this reallllly long post for you all! Please enjoy!  

road trip day one:

After packing up the car with everything we needed we began our 2 and a half hour drive to the beautiful County Clare in the West of Ireland. Our drive was filled with chatter, bad singing and enjoying the beautiful views Ireland had to offer.

Arriving in the small touristy town of Doolin in Clare we parked and got out to stretch our legs. As we were camping that night we had no idea where the campsite we were staying at was so we went for a walk to Doolin Pier to wait for a reply from the campsite.

road trip

I was in awe when we got to the pier. It was absolutely breathtaking. I have always loved being close to water. Although I can’t swim I have always loved the calming effect water has on me. The sound of the crashing waves against the rocks are always so calming. The calmness that washed over me as soon as we arrived was unreal.

road trip
road trip


We headed to the campsite to set up our awesome pink pop up festival tent. The campsite was huge and full of so many people. This was my first time camping and I was quite excited to gain this experience.

road trip

Cliffs of Moher

A little while after we headed off to visit the amazing Cliffs of Moher the first site we had planned to see on this road trip. The entrance fee to the Cliffs of Moher is €8 per adult. As expected it was quite cold. The wind was cutting as we walked along the cliff, exploring.

Instead of going the normal way that almost everyone goes on this walk. Ryan and I decided to go along the side that technically wasn’t part of the Cliffs of Moher area. We were going this way at our own risk.

It was a beautiful walk but make sure if you are going this way keep an eye on what you are doing! It can be dangerous if you aren’t careful.

road trip
road trip
road trip

The night in the tent

Worse nights sleep ever. I was awake every other hour for an hour trying to get comfortable. We were awoken at 1am by some rude campers who were laughing, shouting and having a good time really loudly outside our tent.

I was pissed! Curling up to Ryan so he would wrap his arms around me and hold me close. This was a protective measure for those people outside. I was ready to go out and confront them. FINALLY they shut up and I could go back to my terrible sleep.

As soon as the sun had risen at 5:30 am we were awake. I was exhausted, grumpy and very very sleepy. I wasn’t a happy camper at all. An hour later we got up and had breakfast of yogurt and fruit.

The best part of the campsite I would have to say was the showers. They weren’t amazing but after a horrible nights sleep in a tent it felt like heaven. It cost us €1 for one token each. One token gave you five minutes in the shower.

That might not seem very long for you but trust me when all you want to do is wash your hair and body you have a ton of extra time!

I was really surprised with this as I wasn’t expecting them to be as good as they were.

road trip day two:

We slowly packed the car back up and made our way to Doolin Cave. Site number two of our road trip.

road trip

Doolin cave

As Ryan and I both love exploring this cave seemed like a great idea and we were right. This visit was really educational and fun because we were exploring an amazing, beautiful cave.

Our tour guide was amazing. He knew a lot about the cave and was very good at guiding us through the cave because it can be dangerous and slippery due to the river running through it. I learned a lot of new things going through this cave.

Many features in this cave are quite unique compared to other caves in the burren area. In this cave you can find Europe’s largest stalactite and the 3rd largest in the world.  It will take 300,000 years for this stalactite to touch the ground.

When we were getting ready to leave some people caught our attention. They were looking up at the roof. A baby goat was on the roof! It was so strange!

road trip
road trip

Air B&B

After our horrible night in the tent we decided to book an Air B&B when we arrived in Westport. My god we picked an amazing place to stay. The house and room were beautiful. Diane was so lovely, very welcoming and had such a beautiful family.

The bed was amazing. It was so big I couldn’t even tell my boyfriend was in the bed during the night!

road trip

Woodfire restaurant

After deciding where we would like to go and eat we headed to the Woodfire Restaurant. It was a really small and quirky restaurant. All the staff were lovely and did anything they  could to help.

We decided to get chicken wings and garlic bread for starters to share.

road trip
I forgot to take a picture when it first arrived to the table! I was starving.

The garlic bread was amazing and the chicken wings were good. Apart from the lime sauce drizzled over them that I wasn’t a huge fan of it but the wings were good.

Our main course was way below par unfortunately. Before we had even finished our starter Ryan’s pull pork burger was brought to the table. My pepperoni pizza was nowhere to be seen. Ryan had almost finished his burger before a member of staff came close enough so I could ask where my pizza was.

I was angry when it arrived! It looked like it was slapped together in a few seconds, the sauce was so watery and the cheese and pepperoni kept falling off anytime I picked it up! I wasn’t happy.

road trip

road trip day three

Because we were so exhausted the day before we didn’t climb Croagh Patrick until our third day. I was excited but also nervous because I hadn’t climbed a mountain before.

Croagh Patrick

Beginning our climb I realised how difficult it was going to be. Due to being unfit I started to struggle a little bit into our hike. Before long I needed to sit down and have a break. I was struggling.

This was difficult both mentally and physically. My legs were burning and were like jelly. I kept saying I couldn’t do it and I wasn’t going to reach the summit. In all honesty if I decided to do this hike by myself I would have given up then and there but Ryan was amazing. He kept me going, he pushed me forward and gave me so much motivation to finish the hike.

Three hours later and we reached the top! I had achieved climbing to the top of Croagh Patrick! The weather was so bad, my legs were dead, I was exhausted and I did it! My greatest achievement as of yet.  

road trip
road trip

Once we reached the bottom of the mountain we headed straight for the car to warm up and head back to our Air B&B to rest. We didn’t get up to much else because we were knackered!

road trip day four:

We were not looking forward to this four and a half hour drive up to Antrim.

road trip

Giant’s Causeway

After such a long drive! ( sorry babe that I don’t drive so we could have swapped!) we arrived in Antrim.  The Giant’s Causeway car park was full so we were led to a park and ride car park. We got the bus to the giant’s causeway and we went to buy our tickets.

When we were buying the tickets we were informed that I could get a child ticket because I was under 19! How weird is that? Usually its 14 or 15 is the last time you can get a child ticket! With your ticket you can get a free guided tour or you can get your own audio guide. We opted for the audio guide and began to look around the visitor centre.

We then headed down the moderate path towards the Giant’s Causeway because I was absolutely exhausted and my whole body burned and was sore after our hike!

road trip
road trip
road trip

The Giant’s Causeway is a huge tourist attraction due to the hexagonal shapes the stones are as you can see in the above pictures. It has a beautiful landscape and it is just an amazing place to be. As I have mentioned before the water always calms me and walking around the Giant’s Causeway was so no different!

Carrick a rede rope bridge.

After the Giant’s Causeway we got the bus back to our car and made our way to the Carrick a rede rope bridge. We bought our tickets for the 5:30 slot as we just missed out on the 4:30 slot by a few minutes. They have allocated times due to health and safety reasons crossing the bridge and not a huge wait to cross it.

With your ticket you have one hour to walk the trail and cross the bridge. This was easily done as the trail isn’t very long. Quite soon we were waiting in line to cross the bridge. I was excited yet nervous because the bridge was really high and I could see it shaking in the wind. I’m not afraid of heights but seeing as I’m tiny and the wind is strong my mind started of worse case scenarios.

There was no need for this as I easily crossed the bridge and arrived on the Island.

road trip
road trip

The Island

Unfortunately most of the island was closed off and we couldn’t explore as much as we wanted to. We didn’t stay a long time on the island and we began to wait back in line to cross the bridge again. While waiting a young girl was crossing and she was terrified but her reactions were quite funny and had a lot of us cracking up.

Although I did feel a little sorry for her as when she wanted to go back she couldn’t because she had gotten so far across and there was a line of people behind her crossing.

We did cheer her on and when she reached the island we all clapped for her which I think made her feel a little better about herself. Then it was my turn to cross back over. 

road trip

Heading back to the car we begun making our way to Belfast where we booked an Air BnB about two hours before arriving! We got to Belfast and Ryan kept getting confused with all the lanes and we kinda kept going in circles which was quite funny but we eventually got there.

It was a small room and had an even smaller bed which we didn’t have a very comfortable sleep in because of the size. That night we were starving and we went and got some BBQ takeaway from Big Al’s bbq and burgers. Oh my god we got an absolute feast. It was amazing. The pulled pork was mouthwatering, the ribs were so juicy and everything else was just amazing.

road trip

road trip day five:

The next morning we headed into Belfast city centre for some sight seeing unbeknown to us that a fire started in Primark. I didn’t notice until Ryan and I had parked in the carpark and I saw the smoke billowing out of the Primark building. Then the fire was quickly pushed out of our heads when Ryan couldn’t find his wallet. We realised we left it back at the Air B&B and had to get an uber to go back there because we couldn’t get out of the parking lot without money and all I had on me was euros.

Getting back to town for the second time we went to find some food because we were hungry and we went to find a pizza express hoping it wasn’t closed due to the fire and the smoke spreading across the city. Thankfully it wasn’t and we got pizza.

road trip
Now this is a pizza! I was one happy lady!


After pizza we decided to go bowling as we couldn’t do much sightseeing because so many streets and places were closed down due to the fire. Ryan beat me in both games. I think I need to practice my bowling because I could have sworn I was better than that!

Heading back to the car to head back to my house we came across a huge salmon statue so we had to take the tourist picture with it.

road trip

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Don’t forget to check out more of my blog posts here!


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12 thoughts on “Looking to go on an Ireland road trip?

  1. Wow Anne! This sounds like a very eventful road trip! Well done for climbing Croagh Patrick! That’s an incredible achievement! It’s a shame you had a bad night camping and forgot the wallet but glad you had a nice pizza in the end! The takeaway you had back at the Air B n B looked awesome, what a feast! Thank you for sharing your adventures and beautiful photos, glad you had a fun trip together <3 xx

    Bexa |

  2. Can I just say a massive thank you again for this, I’m so bloody proud to be from Northern Ireland and be part of the Emerald Isle. I cannot stress enough how beautiful our wee country is and how nice everyone is, here. They are so accepting of everyone, and I love it. I’ve held off doing a post of my own as I think it’d be weird if I did it cos’ I’m from here so I wanted to thank you so much, again for highlighting me wee country.

    Beautifully written, as well by the way.

    Lots of love,

    Nicole xo

  3. What an adventure but sorry you had such a troublesome time camping – people can be so inconsiderate towards others its makes me rage! At least you had your lovely man there so you could look after eachother. Well down for climbing Croagh Patrick, I’d love to do it myself one day! x


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