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How to get into the holiday spirit tag.

Hi guys! Today’s post is a little bit different. I was tagged by the lovely Bryoni for tagging me to do this how to get into the holiday spirit tag.  

The questions


Which countries of the world have you already visited?

When I was younger I travelled to Portugal and Sweden. I don’t remember much of those trips but I hope to travel there again. Last year I travelled to England and had a great time. In March I also travelled to Poland.

London Trip

Which destination is the number one on your bucket list?

Paris and New York are my number one places to visit. I’ve always wanted to go to Paris because all the pictures I have seen are mesmerizing. Who wouldn’t want to go to the city of love. I have wanted to travel to New York because it’s also a beautiful city and I would love to experience the atmosphere in a bustling city.

What is your most ideal holiday?

My ideal holiday would have to be somewhere rich in culture and history. I love exploring new places and learning all about the country.

Which place did you think was so special that you would love to go back there sometime?

London will always be a special place for me because this was the first city I travelled to. This trip was a symbol of my freedom. Bradford also holds special meaning to me because this is where I met my boyfriend. I definitely would visit both places again.

Did you have to travel for work sometime? If yes, where?

Sadly no, but I do hope that with my blog I can travel the world and get paid to write posts about my travels.

With who are you mostly going on holiday with?

I have been travelling with my friend mostly.

Would you rather go to an amusement park or zoo?

Ohh I love both places! Depending on what mood I’m in decides which place I would like to go. If I was looking for a fun day, full of excitement and adrenaline. I’d go to an amusement park. If I wanted a relaxing day and just stroll around. I would go to the zoo.  

Would you rather go on a sun or ski holiday?

I hate the snow so definitely a sun holiday.

What holidays do you have planned for this year?

Sadly, none.

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I hope you all enjoy this How to get in the holiday spirit tag just like I did. If you like these tags please check out the other tags I’ve been nominated for here.

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