Jack the Ripper Tour.

Last Halloween I was in London visiting my friend and we had planned to do the Jack the Ripper tour. You can read all about my London Trip here! I have always been interested in serial killers, murders, etc so this was the perfect activity to take part in on Halloween night.

I have a huge obsession with serial killers and true crime. Halloween is the time of year where I can open about my weirdness and obsession with these sort of situations.

So let’s take a look into the creepy and dark alleyways of London during the time when a serial killer was roaming the city looking for his next victim. Will you be next?

The tour

The tour was led by the weird, wonderful and quirky Magnus Nielson. He had me cracking up the whole time with his sarcastic comments. Our transport throughout the tour was in an old school bus designed in a spooky Jack the Ripper design.

Jack the Ripper tour

We had almost a full bus of all nationalities for the tour. Some people were even dressed up in halloween costumes and had face paint on. It was an enjoyable tour and full of information. Magnus was an amazing tour guide.


Magnus led us through the London streets that Jack the Ripper stalked his victims. It was quite eerie standing where these poor women were murdered, disemboweled,etc.  


I was standing right where one of the victims lay as she died. When he pointed that out I got a shock and stepped back quite quickly.


I learned a lot on this tour. The tour ended at Sherlock Holmes pub. Food and drinks aren’t complimentary with the tickets.


After thoughts


Although it was cold I had a really enjoyable night on this tour. I loved Magnus. His humour was brilliant and I couldn’t help but laugh at the way he acted and his sarcastic comments were the best.


If you are in London I would 100% recommend doing this tour if you have a big interest in serial killers, etc. We bought our tickets on Viator. I really enjoyed this tour.

Jack the Ripper Tour

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