My visit to the London Dungeons

Blogtober Day 18: London Dungeons

Last year I visited the London Dungeons during my trip to England.  

You can read all about my visit to London HERE. As I have mentioned before my trip to London ignited my passion for travelling. I visited the London Dungeons on my second day of being in London after I visited the imperial war museum.

The entrance

The London Dungeons are right beside the London Eye so it was very busy and full of people and tourists. The line to enter the dungeons was really long. As it was the day after Halloween business was still booming for the London Dungeons.

Once you step inside the hypnotic drum beat plays in the background that gets you into the mood for this tour. All the staff were also dressed up in clothing from old London. The atmosphere was amazing. I was buzzing with excitement.  

The tour

If you haven’t taken a step back into London’s dark and gruesome past you should HERE! Walk through London with your guide going from show to show. All of these shows are based on historic events. Come face to face with some of London’s most famous characters. Meet Jack the Ripper, step inside Sweeny Todd’s barber shop, will you become an ingredient to Mrs Lovett’s meat pie? And watch Guy Fawkes try to take on the parliament!

The first stop we took was to get some photos taken with a green screen. The first picture was of me stuck in the stockade and my friend was getting ready to chop my head off. Our second photo was us in the great fire of London.

I had an amazing time here!

I would definitely recommend that you visit the London Dungeons whenever you are in London no matter what time of the year it is. You will love it!

london dungeons

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Anne xx 

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2 thoughts on “My visit to the London Dungeons

  1. Sounds like a great time. We have never been to the London Dungeons but we have been to something similar in San Francisco. It was a lot of fun and a little scary because people were moving around in the dark!! Couldn’t hear them moving and then BAM! They were right in your face! Glad you enjoyed it. If we ever make it to London we will have to give it a look

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