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My future aspirations.

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be discussing my future aspirations for my life and my blog. So here you go.

Making a career out of my blog.

As I have wrote in many of my previous posts you will know that I have a huge passion for writing, travelling and creating awareness towards mental health.I would love blogg full time and make an income from my blog. When I am blogging I am at my happiest. I created this blog to document my travels and get my writing out into the world.

I had no idea that I would love blogging so much. Before my blog my mind was set on finishing school, going to college to study law and then to become a criminal prosecutor. I began to worry because school was becoming harder and harder for me to attend. My anxiety was going through the roof any time I even thought about attending school.

Blogging begun to ease my anxiety and I fell in love with blogging. When I was in work so many ideas were running through my head. I couldn’t wait to go back home and blog again. I have decided to work on my blog to become my career and I will no matter how long it takes.


Tattoos and piercings


Tattoos and piercings are amazing. I have my ears pierced twice and I’m looking into getting my first tattoo soon! I believe that each tattoo that I’m going to get has a lot of meaning and thought that goes into them. There are so many beautiful tattoos and piercings. My next piercing is going to my helix and maybe get a labret.

Travel the world.

As of last year I found my passion for travel. I absolutely loved my trip to London. Travelling is my freedom and I can’t wait to travel the world, experience new cultures, new languages, meet new people and learn the history of the place.

I want to travel the world and show each and every one of you how beautiful and rich in culture our world is. It sounds like such an amazing way to live life doesn’t it?!

My future aspirations

Promote positivity towards mental health.

As a sufferer of mental health I know what it’s like to have people look down on you because of your mental health. As I create a career for my blog and travel the world I want to promote positivity towards mental health along my travelling and while building my career. I want people to understand mental health not hide away from it and pretend it’s not happening. No one deserves the stigma we all receive due to our mental health. It’s not fair and it doesn’t help recovery.

Create campaigns against abuse.


Abuse has always been a huge part of my life. I am now free and want to make sure no one else feels alone the way that I did. In the future I want to be able to raise awareness towards abuse and maybe help put a stop to it.


Create events for bloggers.


Being a blogger can be quiet lonely because you are working on your own. I am in the process of curating an event for Irish bloggers so they can meet, connect and network with one another. In the future I would love to create many more events for bloggers and help everyone meet and network.

Thank you for reading my future aspirations. What are yours? Comment below! Please like/comment/share and subscribe if you like this. Click here if you want to read some more mental health posts. 

Anne xx  

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6 thoughts on “My future aspirations.

  1. Good luck trying to become a full time blogger! It can be hard but since you seem to have a lot of interests you can probably do it!

  2. All wonderful ideas! It’s great that you’ve discovered what you want to do and that you’re passionate about. There’s nothing like taking life by the reins and deciding to reinvent how you want it to be, if how you’ve been living has been giving you anxiety and grief.
    I’m planning on getting my first pro tattoo this year and adding to my piercings as well, enough waiting and stalling! There’s rarely a perfect time to do things, lol. Just the time you make!

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