Abbey Court hostel: My first time staying in a hostel.

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. Recently I stayed in the Abbey Court hostel. This was my first time experiencing this sort of accommodation.
I was really nervous about staying at a hostel because it was my first time in this sort of situation.  I’m not a very sociable person and I was staying in a dorm room with seven other girls my first night.
My second night here I was placed in  30 bed mixed dorm. Staying at this hostel had me completely out of my comfort zone!

Cheap hostel

This hostel is honestly so cheap! My first night in the hostel before my trip to Leeds cost me €17.00, breakfast included. I had to stay in the hostel because on the 6th of July I had to be at the airport really early that morning so I was gone and in the airport before it was even breakfast time!
My second time staying was on the 10th of July which cost me €13.50.
I was there for breakfast.  There was a really good spread. Lots of toast both brown and white bread, cheese, ham, cereal, sausage rolls, fruit, tea and coffee.

Perfect location

The one thing I absolutely loved about this hostel is that it’s around so many things that you can see and do. There is access to public transport. There is also a great nightlife and loads of drink discounts.
From the hostel you can walk to almost any place in the city centre you want to go. The location is amazing!


Even though I was in a dorm room, I was very comfortable in my bunk bed. The mattress, pillow and duvet were so soft and comfy. My first night I didn’t sleep very well because girls kept coming in late from being out.
Also it was my first night there I was on high alert so woke up at every single sound. My second night I slept like a baby! Once you get used to staying in a hostel you can sleep easy and comfortably.

Friendly staff

Throughout my stay here I met so many friendly staff. From staff at reception, cleaners and kitchen staff everyone was so kind and welcoming. At this hostel you have 24 hour reception. These staff members are so lovely and helpful.
I had to check out at 5am and the reception staff were wide awake and ready to help with directions or anything else you need.

So many facilities

This hostel is HUGE. Looking at the building from the outside you would not think this hostel looks the way it does on the inside. I almost got lost a few times in this hostel.
It’s like a maze and can be quite confusing. On each floor there are many bathrooms and shower rooms, a huge kitchen that you can use up to 10pm, a games room, skype room and so much more.

You meet so many different people from all over the world

Spending my two nights here i met people for Canada, Spain, Poland, American, Italy and so may different countries. It was nice to meet so many different people from so many different cultures. You can learn so many new things.

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