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How I deal with my anxiety.

Many people suffer from anxiety, a lot of people have their own ways of dealing with it. For those who suffer from anxiety and have no idea what to do to stay calm or stop yourself from panicking. If you aren’t a sufferer of anxiety then this post might still come in use if you know anyone who has anxiety. I have a category for mental health that you can click here to read them. 

Here are my ways of dealing with anxiety:

Read books

Reading has always been a huge escape for me. For as long as I can remember I always had my nose in a book escaping through the wardrobe to Narnia, attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, become a Demigod and battle Kronos along the side of Percy Jackson.

Reading is a form of escapism and will take your mind off the clutching anxiety that is holding your lungs hostage making it difficult to breathe while your mind races with endless possibilities of absolute nonsense that wouldn’t be even going through your mind on a good day.


Writing and doodling.

At all times I have a notebook and pen at hand just in case I get anxious. Writing always calms me down because my mind is preoccupied on the words I am writing rather than the words from my anxiety.

No matter what type of writing it is or even if it’s just doodling. It can help. It will keep your mind preoccupied and off those dark thoughts. The smell of ink on paper always calms me down.


Listen to music.

My music taste is so random. I listen to anything from Adele to Slipknot. When I’m in a bad mood or upset or anxious I don’t choose that music that you would mostly likely make me happy and want to dance.

No. I choose the angry, screaming music that matches my mood. It’s weird I know but it’s how I relax and get myself out of the mood that I’m in.

Talk to people

I suggest that you also find one or two people that you can talk to without worrying about being judged. I always talk to my boyfriend when my anxiety is getting the better of me.

Ryan knows exactly what to say to calm me down and get me out of my head. He stops me from overthinking and getting myself into an even worse state. Talking helps a lot. I learned this the hard way.

When I first met my boyfriend I never spoke to him about any of my worries. I would bottle everything up to the point of exploding which would not end very well.

Watch movies

Horror movies work best for me in these situations. Blood, gore, murder and supernatural occurrences always take my mind off my own problems. I get stuck into the plot and try figure out the ending before the movie ends,

I have figured out a tonne of endings to many movies and tv series. I always feel so accomplished when I’m right.  

These are my tips for dealing with my own anxiety. If some or none of these work for you  I suggest you find some things that you love and try new ways of trying to calm yourself down. Anxiety is hard to deal with but it is not impossible to deal with. If you liked this post and would like more information on anxiety please read Ruth’s amazing article here

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Anne xx 

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19 thoughts on “How I deal with my anxiety.

  1. This article is wonderful. A breath of fresh air. You give some amazing advice. I don’t suffer with anxiety, but sometimes I get a bit sad when I have a bad day with my disability. I will put your advice into practice. A really wonderful blog post. 🌸❤️😘 xxx

  2. All great ideas! I remember doing the same thing with books, getting lost in fantasy worlds. A friend reminded me of the Septimus Heap series recently and I almost died of nostalgia, lol!
    Coping skills aren’t really talked about much outside of the MH community and it’s a shame. When I first got into CBT my therapist recommended I have a kit for panic attacks. I put sensory things in it, like hard candy, squishy stress balls, and I put remind of what shows helped my anxiety. It’s easy to forget what helps when you’re panicking.

  3. I suffer with anxiety and know all the things I *should* do but sometimes its easy to forget. The one I use most often is Mindful Breathing, just focusing on the in and out until I’ve calmed a little 🙂 Great post Anne. xx

  4. Anxiety is tough to deal with… it’s definitely a learning process! I have panic attacks every so often but I ALWAYS remain calm, even during an attack. I know it can’t harm me and I think of it as a homing beacon to complete whatever caused it.

    Don’t let fear control your life!

    Great read 🙂

  5. I totally agree with all of these! I’ve also struggled with anxiety for years and found some ways that most of the time really help. I love getting my head into a good book and taking my mind off things and movies or watching a tv series has the same effect too as you’re living someone elses story for a while and don’t have to think about your own life. Surprisingly one of the things that helps me the most is going for a walk on my own. I think it really helps me clear my head and get some fresh air along with a hopefully fresh perspective! Thank you for posting this, I think it’s so great when people open up about things like this!
    Alice Xx

  6. I feel like you’re the first person I’ve heard that also finds watching horror and things of that genre to lower your anxiety, I’m the same! People always think it’s so weird when I try and explain it to them…

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  7. This article is so amazing and I wish I was able to read it before. I always doodle and write when I’m anxious. Moving my body in a repetitive, methodical motion helps take me to a better place in my mind. Your blog is full of positivity, and it’s exactly what the world needs.

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