My day in Tayto Park.

During the summer my family and I headed off to Ashbourne County Meath to spend the day in Tayto Park. A few years ago when Tayto Park first opened we went and had a really fun day there. Visiting this year was a completely different experience. Tayto Park has expanded and been created into an amazing amusement park for all the family to visit and have fun.

Tayto Park


Tayto Park can be quite expensive. Although the cost for entrance starts from €15 if you want a wrist band for unlimited rides it will cost you €30-35 depending on peak times. Yes it can be expensive but it is worth the money.

With the wristband you can get access to everything in the park from roller coasters, 5d cinema, the viking voyage water ride, climbing wall, zip line, visit the world of raptors and so so much more.

With just the entrance ticket you can enter the dinosaur exhibition, enter playgrounds and have some water fun, get a free tour of the Tayto factory, go on the steam train express and entrance to the vortex tunnel. 


The location of Tayto Park is quite perfect. It is a 32 minute drive from Dublin so you don’t need to deal with traffic congestion that you would have to deal with if it was in Dublin. Even though Tayto Park is in Meath it still attracts a tonne of visitors each and every day.

If you don’t drive you are in luck. Tayto Park and Dublin bus have decided to work together to provide you with a bus service directly to Tayto Park.


Cu Chuliann

I spent all day on all of the rides. I got soaked on the viking voyage, thrown around, up and down on the Cu Chulainn coaster. First time I went on it I was petrified. I didn’t think I was strapped in properly and I was afraid I was going to fall out during the ride. Thankfully I didn’t! Well obviously because I am sitting here writing this!

Tayto Park
Tayto Park

When I got off the ride my hands were swollen, my heart was pumping and adrenaline was coursing through my body. The second time I went on the ride I had a lot more fun because I wasn’t scared shitless that I was going to plunge to my death.My arms were in the air waving around and I was screaming my lungs out! It was amazing.

Viking Voyage

Tayto Park

I went on this ride three times! Each time I got soaked, the buzz got better and better each time. I absolutely loved this ride.

As you can see I was eagerly awaiting my turn on the ride. I was expecting a nice leisurely boat ride but boy was I wrong.

I won’t ruin the surprise of the ride for you but let me tell you I loved every single second of it. Look at me dab going past the cameras on the biggest drop this ride has to offer!

Tayto Park

Tayto park is an amazing, fun filled day for all members of the family young and old. There are so so many things to see and do through this park. Word of warning each ride has a certain height restriction so the little ones may not be able to go on the ride but there are playgrounds, the zoo, animal shows and a steam train for them to go on. 

I would definitely recommend you visit Tayto Park and have an amazing family fun day! If you like this post you should click here to read about some more fun things you can do. 

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Thanks Anne xx

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