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My story of abuse.

Disclaimer: In this post there will be mentions of abuse. Please if you are suffering from abuse talk to someone and get some help!  If anyone would like to talk to me please don’t be afraid to contact me! I would love to chat and help as much as I can. You are not alone in this I promise. 

For as long as I can remember (for this purpose I’ll call him my father and refrain from calling him what I really call him) my father was an angry, violent man. I was raised by an abusive man who verbally, physically and mentally abused me and my siblings to a lesser extent.

My father broke my heart long before any boy could.

I was heartbroken long before my teenage years when the majority of girls get heartbroken. The sad thing was I didn’t know this at the time. I believed all fathers were the way mine was. The realisation didn’t hit me until I was 12 or 13 when visiting friend’s houses’ and their dad wasn’t like mine. Their dad was kind, sweet, caring and truly cared for his children.

That sinking feeling in my stomach was horrible.

That sickening realisation was like a slap across the face. Dad’s are not supposed to hit their children much less break their nose like he did to me. Yes you read that right my own father broke my nose. After punching me in the face five times I knew it was broken and going to hurt for a while.

Last year I found out he smashed my septum when the surgeon checked my nose to decide whether I needed surgery to straighten it because it became crooked after he punched me and I didn’t get medical help until years later.

My doctor noticed while I was having a check up. I told them I got hit with football and anyone who noticed my crooked nose throughout the years believed me when I told them the excuse.This was the worst of the physical abuse.

Up until I turned 16 I was physically abused.

What changed? Well my mum began to stand up against him and wasn’t in hospital as much as the previous years. My earliest childhood memory was of my father locking me outside and when I got scared and started crying and banging on the door he got annoyed and dragged me up the stairs to my bedroom by my hair.

My father is a horrible man and he deserves no one in his life. I know that people who knew me throughout my childhood would not have guessed this was happening behind our closed doors but it was. No one knows what happens behind closed doors.

My father still lives close by and is turning people in this town against my family so if you are reading this and believe him then that’s okay .

He is manipulative.

Just think of this. If I was lying why would my three younger siblings tell the exact same scenarios that I did? Why did a family court judge who has worked as a family judge for years believe everything we said and ruled against my father?

Quick note if you are his family and somehow come across this piece let me tell you one thing. You know exactly who that man is and that I’m telling the truth. You are all alike. Truth prevailed against his evil and none of you scare me.

He definitely doesn’t scare me anymore and I can promise you that. I’m a survivor and I will always tell the truth about my story.

Thank you all for reading. I hope this will open the eyes of some people and also help others. 

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Anne xx

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25 thoughts on “My story of abuse.

  1. A very brave post to write. I commend you for speaking out. I suffered mental and physical abuse from my ex but I am stronger than ever. These people are poisonous and deserve no one like you said. Thank you for being honest and writing this xx

  2. That man doesn’t even deserve to be called a Father. You’re brave for speaking out and telling your story and I hope it can help someone else realise that behaviour isn’t normal.

  3. You’re very brave to write about this. I am also, sorry that you went through this growing up. I know this will inspire others to talk about their experiences as well,

  4. Hi .. should say it takes a lot of courage to share such a sensitive and painful experience. You are one bold girl, boldest girl infact. Wish you meet someone who erases all these painful feelings by his and love.

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