Why Halloween can be dangerous.

Halloween can be a fun time of the year. So many people love Halloween. Although Halloween can be one of the most dangerous nights of the year. Every Halloween many children go out trick or treating at night, teenagers go out and spend time with their friends and go to clubs etc.  


Fireworks are really pretty to sit and watch with the beautiful explosions of pretty colours. I love watching fireworks but I would never ever go close to a firework because they are so dangerous.

You hear all the horror stories of fireworks not going up and someone tries to relight it and it blows up in their hands. That is terrifying. In the UK fireworks aren’t used on Halloween but on Guy Fawkes night so please be careful when you are around fireworks

halloween can be dangerous


Another pretty yet horror story in the making if people aren’t careful and safe when in close proximity to a bonfire. Fire can be so so unpredictable and it can cause a disaster if it is not properly cared for and watched.

halloween can be dangerous

Pedestrian accidents

Halloween night can always be so so busy. A lot of people can get hurt while walking around trick or treating. It’s happened to me plenty of times when I was younger. I’d be walking into someone’s front garden getting ready to knock and I would trip and fall over something in their garden because it’s too dark to see where I am.

Another big reason that there can be a lot of pedestrian accidents is due to childrens costumes not fitting correctly. We probably have all seen it. A little girl with a huge floor length dress walking around trick or treating. You just know she is going to fall it’s just a matter of when.

Why Halloween can be dangerous for children.

Children are so vulnerable. We all heard the saying stranger danger before but doesn’t Halloween kind of throw that saying out the window and make children see strangers as people who hand over sugary treats?

This can put children in a very compromising situation. If you lose sight of your children for a split second anything could happen. A split second is all it takes for really bad people to grab a child. That is terrifying!

The world is full of horrible people. We all know this so we do need to make sure children are safe on this dark, busy and dangerous night.

Another huge danger for children nowadays is that people can place sharp objects in the sweets and if not noticed by anyone could seriously injure a child or anyone who decides to have something from the trick or treat bag. This has only become a danger in the last few years and I repeat, the world is full of horrible people.

Why Halloween can be dangerous for the elderly.

Halloween can be just as dangerous for the elderly as it is for children. They are also vulnerable. Many elderly people are afraid to open their doors on Halloween night to trick or treaters because they are so terrified.

I have seen a lot of this during my primitive years of trick or treating. They are so scared to open the door. One particular house I noticed on one of my sweet searching endeavours one house had scorch marks on the door from a firework been set off against the door.  

Elderly people are huge victims to crime and Halloween night is almost a crime spree for many criminals. It’s disgusting and wrong on so many  levels.

Why Halloween can be dangerous for animals.

Fireworks and bonfires scare the poor pets and animals we have. They don’t like the loud bangs and they can run away and get lost. If you have a pet please bring them inside during Halloween or Guy Fawkes nights and make sure they are safe.

halloween can be dangerous

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  1. Wow….I think the last instance of I heard of candy actually being poisoned or laced with razors was in the 1970’s or early 80’s in the U.S. Trick-r-treating doesn’t seem very popular where I live anymore, it’s almost as if the tradition is vanishing entirely in parts of the Midwest. Sad stuff.

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