My Autumn essentials: Collaboration with Beka.

Autumn is upon us and today I am collaborating with the gorgeous Beka today. You can read her autumn essentials HERE! This is my first essentials list that I am writing for my blog. Autumn is the time of year that it begins to get colder, more clothes are put on and night comes a lot earlier compared to summer. Here are my Autumn essentials!


Who doesn’t love gorgeous scented candles? I love candles. They give a nice glowly and relaxing atmosphere in the evening time as the sun begins setting and it starts to get darker. My favourite scented candle has to be vanilla and I can’t wait until I can light my vanilla scented Harry Potter candle.

autumn essentials

My scarf.

I love my tartan designed scarf. It is so fluffy I could die. It’s also so so warm. Perfect for the colder months coming along. I got this scarf as a gift for Christmas two years ago and I am still using it!

autumn essentials

Essential oils.

I have recently come in contact with essential oils and I love them! There are so many essential oils that you need to have as the colder months begin closing in. These oils include: On Guard to help against environmental threats,  peppermint or wild orange to add to your hot chocolate, lavender for dry skin and so much more.

autumn essentials

Huda eyeshadow palette.

I got this palette for a secret santa gift while I was in work last year. I really like this palette as it has the perfect colours to match the changing colours during fall. The eyeshadow has great pigment and applies very easily onto my eyelid. It is one of my stable essentials for Autumn even though I don’t wear makeup very often.

Hocus Pocus.

Nothing gets me in the autumn/Halloween mood than the Disney movie Hocus Pocus. I can not go through Autumn and not watch this movie. It is the perfect holiday movie with a little bit of scare and humour mixed into one movie. It’s perfect for children and adults alike!

Cosy Pj’s and fluffy socks

Nothing says Autumn like cosy pjs, a nice hot drink, sitting in front of the fire and watching a netflix series or a movie! I have so many pairs of fluffy pjs it’s unreal. They’re so comfy. I love cosy pjs. Fluffy socks are just amazing! I LOVE them. Honestly I’m a huge comfort creature.


Boots trend during Autumn. I think that’s because boots are a big stable of many peoples Autumn essentials. I have warm woolly ones, I have heeled ankle boots, I have thigh high boots and so much more. Boots finish an outfit.  

What are your Autumn Essentials? Tell me in the comments below! Don’t forget to check out Beka’s blog HERE too! Are you enjoying my Blogtober posts? Check out some more HERE

Anne xx

autumn essentials

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