My trip to Leeds: Part two itinerary

Hi guys. Welcome back to my blog. Today I am writing part two: my itinerary in Leeds. I spent the 8th and the 9th of July in Leeds with my boyfriend. We didn’t have any plans on what we wanted to do in Leeds because after many google searches there wasn’t much to do so we mainly just walked around the city like the cute couple that we are.

Royal Armouries

As we are both history nerds we decided to go to the Royal Armouries Museum. Even though my boyfriend was there twice during his stay in Leeds before and he still went with me. This museum was huge with four floors full of weapons throughout many different eras of time and different continents around the world.

We had a great time watching the actors reenact parts of history that not many people know about or learn in school because “it’s not important”. We also found a vampire hunting kit! I had a really enjoyable time at this museum and spent almost two hours in here.


Walk along the canal

After our trip to the Royal Armouries we decided to go for a walk along the canal, seeing as it was a beautiful sunny day. We wanted to enjoy being out in the sun and yes I got burned again! For the third day in a row in the exact same place. The curse of being pale! Although I finally got a tan for the first time in my life after my lobster effect disappeared.


Later that evening we went into town to try and find something to do because it was too early for dinner. We decided to go to the cinema and watch “ Ocean’s 8 ”.  It was more of a girly movie but we both thought it was alright.


There wasn’t much male presence in the movie which was deliberate to show that women can be successful criminals just like any men but to be honest I prefer when there are male criminals as there is always more action throughout the movie. Throughout the movie it made us want a chinese which after the movie led us to the amazing Red Hot Buffet.

Red hot buffet

This place was the closest to the cinema and we decided to go in by complete chance.


OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING. I will go back to Leeds just for the food there. I ate so much food that evening. The next day before I had to get to the airport and my boyfriend had to catch the train to his next adventure we went back for lunch! When we first arrived we didn’t think it was as massive as it was. Ryan and I sat at our table having no idea what we were doing so sat just taking it all in.

Walking into the buffet room both of our jaws dropped. This place was the best decision we made. Not only was the food amazing it was also so so cheap. I ate three plates full of food myself and so did Ryan. We made pigs of ourselves.

My first plate looked like this!


Doesn’t it look amazing! Perfectly cooked garlic naan bread, sweetcorn that wasn’t as good as the sweetcorn we had at the Steakhouse we ate on our first night, gorgeous Chinese noodles and lastly a yummy Indian tandoori chicken curry.

Plate number two looked like this!

This plate included juicy caramelised chicken meatballs, pizza that wasn’t the nicest I have had but still pretty good and a spicy fajita, I’m not a huge fan of spicy foods and the spiciness caught me by surprise and I was slow to eat it but it was really nice!

Plate number three was my amazing dessert 


The gorgeous plate number three consisted off an amazing blackberry cheesecake, a yummy chocolate brownie, mint, mango and bubblegum ice cream, tiramisu, black forest gateaux, melt in the mouth strawberry mousse and a lovely carrot cake. I would definitely recommend this amazing restaurant.

Randomly found a horse as we were walking back to our Air B&B

After our amazing meal Ryan decided to get me to chase him and then we had almost an hours walk back to our Air B&B all the while Ryan was trying to kill me by crossing all these dangerous roads and also getting us lost. As we were walking through a dark pathway Ryan suddenly stopped and scared the shit out of me making me think something was wrong but nope! He just spotted a horse randomly.


It was a very sweet horse and tried to follow us when we begun to leave.

That was our crazy day in Leeds. I never expected myself to eat three plates of food, have to run on this trip to catch my boyfriend or meet a horse late at night but it happened! Thank you all for reading this post. I hope you all enjoyed it!


Anne x

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