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My fitness journey- An update.

For anyone that knows me, you know I love sports. I was a very active child and played on many sports teams. Unfortunately my fitness levels decreased and I put some weight on. I never have had the motivation to do something about it. In my previous post I discussed the reason why I have decided to begin my fitness journey. You can read this post here!

Today is just a quick update on how I have been doing the past two weeks. I completed the workout routine I spoke about in my previous post. Boredom set in and I struggled with the motivation to get up and do it. I fought Ryan on every single turn. I’m surprised he didn’t get pissed off at me.


New workout

This week I have began a new workout that varies each day. I will be working out either five days a week or six days a week depending on what the routine tells me to do. I have decided to give the Nike Training Club app another go. Last year I got into a fitness phase. That only lasted about three weeks but this time it’s different.

It’s a great app and tracks your progress. When you set it up it they can make a personalised workout plan for you after you put some information in. That plan can be modified too if you get busy and can’t fit it in on a certain day. I’m excited to continue with my fitness journey.



Eating clean and healthy is a huge factor in becoming fit and healthy. My diet has never been really bad but I can improve it and get better. Up until a few months ago I was only eating breakfast and dinner and snacking on chocolate, crisps,etc and that was not good.

Now I have breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner and snack. My breakfast usually consists of either a bowl of porridge with flavoured protein powder or some brown bread toast and a smoothie. I never used to like porridge but with the protein powder I really enjoy it.

Lunch is usually some toast or scrambled eggs or a smoothie if I didn’t have breakfast. Dinner is whatever mum cooks up.

Healthy snacks don’t have to be boring, have some fun. I’ve been searching pinterest and have been getting some good ideas for snacks!


My goals for the next four weeks  

The next four weeks I want to be able to complete my full work out. I also want to be able to up the amount of push ups I can do in a row from 10 to 15. I want to be eating healthy each and everyday.

Are you trying to get fit? Get in touch and we can keep each other going. Motivation is a huge part of fitness. 

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Anne xx


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