Short term pain for long term gain.

Short term pain for long term gain. Words I have been repeating over and over in my head since Tuesday morning. Even though this pain is only short term it still hurts like fuck. Saying goodbye to the one person in the world who loves and cares for you more than anything else is so hard. Watching him walk away breaks my heart every single time. My heart screaming at me to run after him, jump on him and never let him go but my mind telling me it has to happen.

It’s only short term. I keep reminding myself.

Having the love of your life walk away and get on a plane back home which is half way across the world for me doesn’t feel like short term. Do you know why? I have no idea when I’m going to be able to hug him or kiss him next. Not having him here beside me is killing me. His scent lingering in my room and on the pillow he slept on makes me cry each and every time.

The only piece of comfort I have. His scent which will soon disappear just like he did in the crowd of the airport.

Short term pain for long term gain 

The months we had together will forever be remembered and treasured in my heart and mind. Our first meeting, our first hug, our first kiss and our first date were unforgettable. My mind will replay them each and every day until they can become a reality again.

Our first picture together, all loved up and grinning like an idiot. Still not believing my eyes that you are right there beside me. The one man I love and will always love. Forever and Always. After everything we’ve been through seeing you sat on that rock while I tried to cross six lanes of traffic I knew we would work. We were going to be invincible. You and I against the world baby.

short term pain for long term gain

Short term pain for long term gain

Our first road trip together. Full of excitement, tiredness, soreness and fun. Experiencing new places together and exploring Ireland as a couple. The worries of our long distance relationship far out of our minds as we enjoyed the west coast of Ireland together. Some rough nights sleep but all worth it in your arms.

Taking on a huge mountain because you love to hike and wanting to see why you loved in. In all honesty I still don’t see it but I do want to do it more often with you.

short term pain is long term gain
short term pain for long term gain

Short term pain for long term gain

Numerous skype calls, texting as much as we can, keeping our connection strong each and every day even though there are miles between us and oceans keeping us apart. We will make this work no matter how tough it is. Fingers crossed this time next year I will be by your side once again.

Short term pain for long term gain

I love you.

This is a bit different than my usual writing style but I wanted to be open and honest about how I have been feeling since Ryan and I said our goodbyes. 

Anne xx 

short term pain for long term gain

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9 thoughts on “Short term pain for long term gain.

  1. Oh my goodness this made me so emotional. I have so much admiration for people in long distance relationships. I’m sorry that it’s so hard and I’m sorry that you guys are so far away, but how amazing is it that despite the distance you guys still managed to meet each other? Some real “meant to be” stuff going on here. I am so excited for you for the day you can just go home to each other and be happy! Lots of love, Anne, and stay strong x

  2. […] This is the most obvious disadvantage of a long distance relationship. There is nothing worse than being so far away from your partner especially when you just need a cuddle or some physical contact. I love just curling up against Ryan and having his arms wrapped around me. It instantly makes me feel better but sadly it doesn’t happen often enough. Short term pain for long term gain. […]

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