Autumn makeup look.

Make up has never been a huge part of my life. I think this is because my father was so controlling and I wasn’t allowed wear makeup until I was 16. Although I don’t wear makeup very often it’s still nice to be able dress up sometimes. Today I done my makeup with an Autumn theme. I’m not amazing at makeup but I can apply it! I’m not a beauty blogger at all but thought this was a good blog post for my Blogtober challenge.
autumn makeup look



The primer I’ve been using recently is No.7 Airbrush Away. I got this in a No.7 Christmas set as a present. I’ve been only using this product for a short time and I am really enjoying it.

It applies really easily and makes my skin feel so soft. I’m going to be sad when it runs out because it’s only a small 10ml bottle and it’ll be used up quickly.


The concealer I have been using is PS… my perfect colour. I got this from Primark and I love it. It really covers up any blemishes or redness I want to cover up.


Finding a good foundation can be tough! I spent sooo long trying to find a good foundation and this is what I found. It works quite well with my skin and it’s affordable.

The foundation I have been using is L’Oréal Paris infallible total cover. I have an awesome foundation brush I also got from Primark. It’s so soft and fluffy and applies the foundation very evenly and easily.


I had to begin using a new blush because I accidentally dropped my other blush that I’ve been using forever. I quite like this one and it’s was also a Christmas present.

A blush and bronzer duo by Ellen Tracy. It’s quite a bright pink so I only use a small amount because as you can probably tell I am very pale.

autumn makeup



Recently I have begun to wear more lip gloss than lipstick as my lips are quite dry and I’m liking the new lip glosses I received as yet another Christmas present. The one I have been using is a nice dark shade of pink and a little sparkly and I just really like wearing it.





The eyeshadow palette I used in this Autumn makeup look was the Huda Beauty: warm brown obsessions. I only used three colours for this look. The pale skin colour as a base on my eyelids, orange in the crease and corner of my eyes and a light brown on the rest of my eyelid.  




The mascara I have been using is No.7 extravagant volume. This really plumps up my lashes and makes them longer. It’s a really good mascara!  

autumn makeup

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5 thoughts on “Autumn makeup look.

  1. Your makeup looks great! I can’t do my makeup, I’m not good at it. I’m going to try though. I can get by but I want to get better, because you’re right it does feel good to get dressed up.

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