My trip to Leeds: My stay in an Air B&B.

Hi guys. Welcome back to my blog. Today I’m discussing my experience with Air B&B. For my last night in England we stayed in an Air B&B in Leeds.  This was my first time using Air B&B. I was nervous yet excited because this was a first for me. First times for everything is scary, but you’ll never go anywhere in life if you let your fear rule your life. 




Kevin, was the most welcoming, warmest and kindest hosts I have ever met. From the minute we walked inside we were made feel welcome and at home. Kevin showed us everything that we needed to know about the room and house, gave us the wifi code right away. He also told us we could help ourselves to the fridge if we wanted. I was in shock when he offered because no one EVER does that. 




The room was amazing. As soon as we arrived I flopped on the bed. I didn’t want to move for the rest of the day. The bed was amazing!  Ryan had to practically drag me up out of the bed. The room was big, clear, beautifully decorated.


The bathroom was gorgeous ( word of warning: No bathroom door). Luckily my boyfriend and I didn’t go through the awkward stage that couples go through when staying together for the first time so that wasn’t a problem.


When we first went into the room the tv wasn’t in the room because it was broken. We went out for the rest of the day and when we returned there was a new tv in the room.  




The neighbourhood was a really nice residential area. Although we were expecting to get woken up during the night because the area was close to an emergency services depot, Fortunately we didn’t hear a thing.


Although the B&B was a forty minute walk from Leeds city centre we took an uber when we wanted to go to town which was very cheap. That evening we walked back after our day exploring Leeds and having an amazing world buffet for dinner which you can read about here!


Staying here was great. I had the best night’s sleep staying there. I would 100% recommend Kevin’s house if you are looking for somewhere quiet, peaceful and welcoming.

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