My stay in Ibis Budget Bradford hotel

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. As you all know at the beginning of this month I travelled to the UK. I stayed in three different types of accommodation on this trip from the hostel I slept in the night before my flight to the UK, the Air B&B and now the Ibis Budget Bradford hotel. I know a lot of accommodation right? It was all needed though.

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For two nights is cost me €60. Breakfast was not included and there was no free cancellation policy. It was very affordable for two nights in a double room.


We had quite a small room but it was comfortable. It had a big wide window and a great AC which was great because we were staying through the first English heatwave. The Air Conditioning was amazing!


This hotel was a great location if you were driving but if you were walking you had to try and cross six  lanes of traffic with no pedestrian crossing. It was quite dangerous and I had to run! Which I never do!

It was a twenty minute walk from the city which wasn’t too bad. My boyfriend and I like walking so that wasn’t a problem. We both enjoyed the walk to and from the city.  

There was a tesco right across the six lane of traffic! So cross at your own risk is all I have to say!  


Throughout our whole stay we only met with one member of staff. She was very nice and friendly. When we first arrived at the hotel we were too early for check in. If we wanted to check in early it would cost us more money.

She allowed us to store our luggage while we went out to explore and when we finished that we headed back to the hotel, checked in and collected our luggage. Throughout our stay she was the receptionist and was there each morning when we were leaving and each evening when we were returning.


We didn’t have breakfast here because to be honest it was miserable and very unappetising. We weren’t going to pay for something like that so we both had breakfast out. I had apple slices because I’m not a huge breakfast person.

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Anne xx

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