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6 ways music helps mental health

Music has always been a part of my life. I turn to music no matter what mood I am in. Music can bring up so many emotions. It can take us soaring to unimaginable heights, be there in our loneliness, help us release our anger in a positive way and bring us peace in moments of anger, confusion and anxiety. There are so many ways music helps mental health! I have even asked some of my twitter followers to tell me how music has helped them!

 There are so many ways music helps mental health! I have even asked some of my twitter followers to tell me how music has helped them!

Connects you with others

During my last three years of school, I was on my own. I didn’t have any friends so I turned to the internet to express myself and meet some like-minded people. I joined some Facebook groups full of 5 Seconds of Summer fans and this is where I met my best friend. We never would have met if it wasn’t for those four crazy ozzies who decided to create a band and produce some pretty awesome music. It helps you feel less lonely and isolated. Music connects people like nothing else.

Have you ever been to a concert and you just stand in complete awe as it hits you that thousands of people are all there for one particular reason, to enjoy the music being performed by a person you all love.

Elevates your mood

Music can change your mood in seconds. It puts you into a better mood and connects you with your feelings. When I am in a bad way with my mental health the first thing I do is plug my earphones in and blast music.

The music I choose isn’t happy music which is strange. I turn to metal and rock music to help me feel better although it can put others into a bad mood but not for me!

Listening to those genres make me feel less lonely in the world of mental illness. These artists just connect with me and it cheers me up that I am not the only one who feels this way.

“ The vibes from certain albums help me relate. They also help to perk me up. Music is very influential! “

Samantha Davis

When I am not focussed and listen to instrumental music, I can forget about everything else and just focus on the task. It is so therapeutic


My autistic daughter receives music therapy 2times a week. It has helped her anxiety, OCD, self-confidence, expanded her emotional connections, flexibility. She loves to dance and sing. Music is so powerful, memories are triggered and as it envokes the brain it helps expand it


Aids Relaxation

Music is such an amazing tool that you should have in your mental health survival toolbox. When I am nervous, anxious or just need to relax, like when I m unable to sleep some nights I just pop my earphones in to aid my relaxation.

Music helps me to forget all about my fears, worries and stresses in life. It takes me to a place of calmness that just washes through my body and I am calm and relaxed.

When I am nervous my heart beats very fast, something before a presentation or something like that. If I listen to music at that time, I feel happy and my heart beat slows down and I am not nervous anymore.


When I have an anxiety attack, I listen to some of my favourite songs and it usually helps to calm me down and taking a more realistic look at the situation. Some years ago music also saved me and my favourite artists were one of the main reasons why I’m still here today “


Music will make you feel happier

Music is more powerful than words. It will help you remember, to make sense of the experiences you have been through and didn’t understand and this can make you feel better. When you listen to music it releases dopamine the feel-good hormone just like food, sex and drugs do.  


When we feel like shit it can be difficult for us to express our thoughts and emotions. It can help us to express ourselves! It can give us some understanding of our thoughts and emotions. Music can also be a form of expression for those who are musically inclined.

 There are so many ways music helps mental health! I have even asked some of my twitter followers to tell me how music has helped them!


Music can be healing. When we struggle with mental health it is very difficult to cope with the roller coaster of emotions and the bad thoughts that come along with depression and other mental health disorders. Music gives us hope and makes us realise we are not the only ones suffering!

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How does music help you with your mental health?

With Love,

Anne xxx

There are so many ways music helps mental health! I have even asked some of my twitter followers to tell me how music has helped them!

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4 thoughts on “6 ways music helps mental health

  1. Thank you for including my reply! I had no idea you were a 5SOS fan too. I actually was the same as you: I had no friends so I turned to Facebook groups about them (and others) too and met one of my best friends. It’s crazy sometimes how music can bring people together! I met another one of my best friends through The Vamps and for the third year in a row now, we’ll be travelling abroad to see them live. Music is one of the main helpers with my mental health, it truly is

  2. It’s so wonderful that music brought you to your best friend. I always felt that similar/same music taste makes friendship even better! And I love the other stories you’ve shared too. 🙂

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