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A beautiful story of love written by the amazing writer Jay

I have been so excited since yesterday when I asked Jay to guest post on my blog. I left the option of what he wanted to do. He decided to write a beautiful story for me on the theme of Love that I picked and the name of the main character Emily. I left all the rest to Jay. 

Let the story begin


Love. A drug to me, you and every person who’s heart still beats. It can tear us down and float us high. Despite its bad side, love is still the most beautiful sight to any person.

Today we meet Emily. A confident individual, beautiful both inside and out. Just starting University, she has the whole world at her feet. She has always been an attraction for men. Although most have seedy intentions, there are a few that have captured her heart. Matt, Liam and Mark. She loved them all in there short stint together but none could fully capture the love she craved. Something was missing, something different.

This would change on one sunny day. Emily had her normal walk to campus. Music in her ears and wind in her hair, it’s a combination she adored. Upon stopping at the local cafe, something tingled her skin. A young woman of similar age started to serve Emily. Upon the asking of her order, Emily felt something she never felt before. Her blood pumped twice as fast. Her hairs stood on end. She felt sick and her heart was beating hard, like a lonely soldier beating a drum before war. Could it be? She stuttered her order, making the young woman smile. She left in a hurry and started to breathe heavy before glancing back through the window to see the woman looking back.

A few days past before she got the courage to go back. Was it a one off? Was it something more? She walked in and sure enough, there she stood. A smile beamed across both faces as Emily approached. That same feeling cane across her body. The excitement. But how could she approach her? Did she even think the same. She ordered a coffee, smiled and walked away, feeling a little blue for not being brave enough to talk. But that was about to change.

Upon looking she noticed something below her name on the cup. A series of digits and a name. Leanne it read with a phone number. What came next can only be described as a very audible screech. But she didn’t care. Emily was happy. Months passed and there were dates aplenty before Emily and Leanne made it official. One happy couple. One magical night they are cosied up on the sofa, hand in hand when Leanne leaned in, kissed Emily and muttered “I love you”. Is there anything more powerful than those words.

You see love is for everyone. No matter who you are. It breaches every barrier that people place down. Let your heart love and like Emily and Leanne, love who you want to love. It’s out there. Embrace it and hold it tight. Love always wins.


Such a beautiful piece right?

This story shows that anyone can find love and can find it in any person. Love is not a choice. Don’t be scared to love someone because they may be the same gender or not. 


Thank you Jay for the wonderful piece. I have loved having you as a guest. 

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