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My story

Hey guys! I'm an Irish girl wanting to travel the world, inspire you all to travel and discuss mental health. My name is Anne Carty. I live in a small town in County Longford, Ireland. I'm originally from Dublin but moved here when I was six.

I have a passion for travelling, writing and helping people. Therefore I put these passions together and created my travel and mental health blog. This is to share my passions and discuss my mental health to help someone who feels like they are alone.

I want to inspire people to travel the world, create memories and also help people to open up about their difficulties and struggles with life and mental illness. 

When I first published my blog my intentions were just to be a travel blogger and write about my experiences at home and abroad. On the 7th of July 2018 I attended my first ever blog event hosted by Icelolly.

The sarcastic, honest and funny Vix Meldrew taught me how to create my full “package”. To start I needed to find three words that described me and how I could reflect those adjectives through my blog. So you guys can recognise the type of person I am right away and relate to my writing. I didn’t choose those words. The amazing blogger community picked these adjectives which were adventurous, kind and supportive. Thank you! 

2017 wasn’t my year although there was some good, important and pivotal moments that have had a positive affect on this year and my future. I began travelling and found my passion which led me here. I was also diagnosed with depression and anxiety on top of fighting a year long custody battle with my mum against my abusive father to protect my siblings while he was living in the same house. This was a huge struggle on top of trying to come to terms with my diagnosis. 

During this time I was also attending counselling to work through the trauma I suffered for 17 years. I lived in constant fear all those years and didn’t have many people on my side who I could talk to about my struggles. 

I have decided  to become a mental health blogger to help people open up about their own struggles. I also want to be the person that inspires you to speak up and be brave if you have to be. I want to show you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you have to keep fighting your demons to get there. 


On the 30th of October 2017 I flew to England to visit my friend for her birthday. This was my first solo trip and my first time leaving Ireland in ten years. I was so excited and petrified of this trip. A huge overwhelming sense of freedom and independence washed over me as I begun sorting my passport, booking my flights, deciding what I wanted to do during my stay in the UK. 



about me

After my trip to the UK i begun to plan my trip to the beautiful city of Krakow, Poland. My passion was ignited and nothing can stop me from seeing the world now. 

If anyone ever needs to talk, I am always here. If you want some advice on travelling or even a simple chat because you’re having a rough day. Just message! You can find me here