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Recently I have volunteered to help the wonderful Lee Bowden in her blog buddy program along with two other talented bloggers Kate Arram and Vicky Philips. Let’s have a chat about it!

What is the Blog Buddy Program?

We have all taken part in Twitter chats and threads but it’s so impersonal. You don’t connect with people in the way that you want to. Am I right? This is how Blog Buddies was created by Lee Bowden. In simple terms, it’s a buddy system for bloggers! You sign up to be paired with another blogger and you both decide on how to support one another.
I jumped at the idea of signing up for this program when I first came across it in the Blog Buddies Facebook group that you can join here! I have to say Lee has put a ton of work into this program. Lee wanted some help with running the program and making it more useful to bloggers. I of course jumped at the chance to help.
For the last month or so we have been working HARD along with our own blogs and everything else in our lives to prepare and create an amazing program for the Blog Buddies
Blog Buddy program

How can you become part of the Blog Buddy Program?

Steps To Be Assigned A Blog Buddy

  1. Read the rules and guidelines within this post here.
  2. Subscribe to our Blog Buddy Newsletter
  3. Join The Blogging Buddies on Facebook & Blog Buddies Google Community
  4. Sign up for a Blog Buddy! Submit their name, blog niche and links
  5. Our Creative Team will create an organized list of the bloggers by category, age, and other interests

Why should YOU get involved with the program?

Well for one you will becoming a member of a huge growing community. You will be assigned a Blog Buddy who will support and help you with all your blogging goals and problem!

The second reason you should join is that you get a FREE 12 week course that will help you start your blog from scratch or improve your blog, social media skills and so much more!

Who doesn’t love a free course? I know I do!  

Who wants a blog buddy? Follow the steps above and become a member of our wonderful community. We have so many ideas in the works to make BBP so much better for everyone who joins our community.

Join us and grow with us all! Keep up to date with us on our social medias.

Twitter: Lead Admin me!

Facebook: Lead Admin Lee!

Blog: We are all lead admins!

Pinterest: Lead Admin Kate

Discord: Lead Admin Vicky ( link for discord chat is in our Facebook group! You must join the facebook group to join the discord chat )

Blog Buddy Program

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  1. Sounds like a great idea. Where are the links to social media for the various options listed in your post? I don’t want to accidentally join the wrong group on FB or Twitter.

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