Blossoming Hearts Award.

A huge thank you to Jay  (BeardedIgor Blogsfor nominating me for the Blossoming Hearts Award. 


  1. You have to thank 3 people you want to thank. A paragraph each is okay. You can also give a quick shout out to someone who didn’t make your 3.
  2. These however don’t have to be your nominations. This is to give you a bit more freedom of who you want to thank. Also it narrows down repeat nominations.
  3. You can only nominate 3 people.
  4. If you are nominated again after posting onto your blog, a tweet of thanks to that person is more than enough.
  5. This is all about love and support.
  6. Thank the person who nominated you. If you get nominated congratulations, you earned it.

The three bloggers I appreciate:

Jay ( BeardedIgor blogs)

From the day I met Jay he has been one of the most supportive, kindest, caring and nicest people I have ever met through Twitter. He has been a great friend and has always been there for me when we met. The past month he has been helping me boost my blog views which have been so so helpful and I’m glad I can call him my friend. Thank you for everything you have done so far Jay!

Amy Jane (Beautifully Eurasion)

I met Amy Jane a little while after I began blogging. She is beautiful, honest, kind, caring and very determined. She has risen from a bad place and is now shining bright. I am so glad I have her!

Victoria (Inspired by Tor) 

Tor has been such a kindhearted, inspiring and a great blogger and YouTuber. I met tor when she was tweeting about starting her own YouTube channel. From then she has spent her days encouraging me and others with YouTube and helping me get the courage to start my own channel and start uploading content. A huge thank you Victoria for all the help and advice. I appreciate it so much!

There are so many amazing bloggers. It was so difficult to choose.

Have fun writing your appreciation post! 

My nominees:

Amy Jane (Beautifully Eurasion)

Victoria (Inspired by Tor)

Sarah Louise (World is my oyster)

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