Brian’s Long Distance Relationship.

Today I am bringing you a brand new series and I am introducing you to some brand new people. We are meeting Brian from Two of a Mind and learning about his long distance relationship with Chelsea who is the second part of Two of a Mind. 

Let’s meet Brian 

My name is Brian and I’ve lived in Ohio all twenty-nine years of my life. I’m a simple guy who loves a wonderful girl named Chelsea from the United Kingdom. I’m glad I live on the east coast of the United States; otherwise, our time difference would be a lot bigger!

My passions in life are cooking, gaming, and trying to do the right thing by others. I’m a loyal and positive person who always looks for a silver lining to each cloud. You could say I’m a bit childish in that way, as I always try to laugh rather than cry, and get others to do so too.

Long distance relationship

How I Met Chelsea

I’ve never been one for social media, having only made my Twitter account in 2016. I mostly stayed away from the world, only watching videos through YouTube. The world, however, had a different idea for my path in life.

It was sheer coincidence that I found her tiny YouTube channel back then. I have no idea how I stumbled upon it, but through that channel, I was introduced to Chelsea. Her content was hilarious and she was seemingly a wonderful person. So I followed her links to her Twitch channel and did something I’ve rarely done in my life.

I said hello.

One word can change your life dramatically, hello was my one word. It took me twenty or so minutes to say it, but I decided to test my luck. Not only did she welcome me to her stream, but she made me feel welcome as a person. It was this small interaction that sparked an everlasting friendship between us. In January of 2017, our friendship blossomed into a beautiful long-distance relationship.

To this day I couldn’t be happier about saying hello to that woman.


Tips on Surviving the Distance

Communication is crucial to the survival and health of any relationship. All relationships need good communication, regardless if you’re just friends or a lover.

Talking about anything and everything is important. From bantering about the weather to having a deep conversation about your morals, it all counts. You can’t walk next door and hug your loved one, so talking is most critical in a long distance relationship.

Be understanding, clear, concise, and above all else listen as much as you talk. Sure your partner wants to know everything about you, but listening is equally as important in these cases. When your partner tells a story, focus on it! Learn from it, understand who they are as a person, walk with them through that story!

Through constant good communication, the foundation of love and trust is created. If you want to stay in contact easier, use the following programs or browser applications.

  • Discord
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts

These three little applications can save your long distance relationship. Each allows use on mobile or desktop, and they’re all free. Even if you can only do it once a day, call them, video chat with them, make them know that you’re always there. Let them feel no fear of being hurt, cheated on, used or tossed around. Give them honesty, give them love, stay in good communication.

I loved this! Thank you Brian! These tips are definitely what I would say too you can read my tips here. Chelsea and Brian are an amazing couple and taking the blogging world by storm. You can read Brian’s post on how he met Chelsea here and you can read Chelsea’s perspective on how they met here. Make sure you give them some love. 

With Love, 

Anne xxx

Long distance relationship

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