Christmas gift guide for Bloggers.

Do you have a blogger in your life and have no clue what to buy them? Or are you a blogger and have no idea what to add to your Christmas wish list. Well, I have you covered with this gift guide for bloggers for this Christmas.  




Bloggers need planning in their lives. They need to plan content, social media and so much more. It takes a lot to be a blogger and organisation is key to keeping on top of it all!

Here are some planners that have been getting some awesome reviews lately and they are definitely on my Christmas wish list.

Bloom daily planner: This is a gorgeous planner. I feel that planners need to be pretty and cute so that we enjoy writing in them. Packed with extra resources to help you BLOOM this year: personal mission statement prompt and yearly goal setting page, weekly scheduling templates, major holidays list, 7 notes pages, 4 contacts/address book pages, inspirational quotes, monthly reflection questions, and more! Doesn’t this sound amazing?


Get shit done planner: Get ahead of the game with this gorgeous, simple planner. Fill in the weekly and monthly pages up.


Haiker WhiteMolang Rabbit” Diary Any Year Planner: This planner is so so cute. It’s also a great planner because it’s not specific to any year. So you can get it for someone anytime during the year!


Photo Props


Photography is a big part of having a blog. It isn’t necessary but it does help break up all the writing that is in a blog post. If you are starting to add pictures into your blog posts it’s a good idea to add props into those photos to add some interest to your photos without taking the limelight off the main item.

Photo props can include:




Trays and dishes

Little ornaments

Makeup tools.




These are number one on my wish list. Backdrops can be gorgeous designs like marble or can be just a simple plain colour. It makes your photographs look a lot cleaner and more professional.




There is so much that we all need to learn in this business and books are a great way to learn and also support other bloggers and their businesses.

Some books that I want and could help the blogger in your life include:

The million dollar blog by Natasha Courtenay- Smith


Blogging for Dummies by Amy Lupold Bair


Blog changes lives: A practical, inspirational guide to building a blog that could change your life by Aby Moore.



Are you struggling with your blog or do you know someone who needs help in improving their blog? A course is the best way to help them! Some awesome ladies who do courses are:


Abby Moore


Ell Duclos


Instax mini 9

I have my gorgeous blue Instax mini and I love it. Although I don’t use it very often I really do need to start using it again. You can take some gorgeous pictures with these cameras and get an instant print of the picture! This can also be great for a photography prop!

So there you go! Some ideas on what to get your blogger loved ones or to add your wish list! Check out my Gift guide for kids or Gift guide for girls for some more inspiration during your Christmas shopping. 

With love,

Anne xxx

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Do you have a blogger in your life and have no clue what to buy them? Or are you a blogger and have no idea what to add to your Christmas wish list. Well, I have you covered with this gift guide on what to buy a blogger for Christmas.  

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  1. I like the sound of the get shit done planner. That sound like what I need. It’s motivational. Other than these I like the quote “if anyone wants to buy me a Christmas present, I’m a size window seat on a plane”. Or something like that.

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