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Today I am back with a brand new spotlight for a book that you should definitely check out. Hire Idiots by Prof. I.M. Nemo.

Book: Hire Idiots

Author: Prof. I.M. Nemo

Publication Date: 25th August 2019

Genre: Mystery and Thriller

Book Blurb:

‘This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to the living or the dead is purely coincidental and ought to
make you ashamed at the comparison.’
Unfortunately, the murder may get lost in the confusion of new vice presidents, marketers, focus
groups, assessors and protestors as the administration tries to make education profitable. There’s no
time for mystery!
Professor Clarence Van Dyke finds himself bewildered by the changes, but determined to get to the
bottom of the killing. He wants his friend to rest in peace – or perhaps he just wants to spend more
time with the attractive Detective Riordan. But isn’t he the primary suspect?

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