How to find the time to tap into your creative voice

Guest post by Author Randy Smith

Ditching my car was a life-changing decision. The long cross-town commutes on L.A. Metro trains and buses allowed me the creative space I needed to write “The Raffle” series and several screenplays, including one film now in development under my real name. I am currently working on writing/screenwriting projects while still working as a full-time attorney and on my other passions: being a husband/father, lawyer, standup comic/actor, law professor, public transportation activist, and podcaster. 
So how do I do it and what advice can I provide for others juggling many things?

Here are my 5 Ways To Find The Time To Tap Into Your Creative Voice:

Stop Driving Yourself To Work:

If you live in a city, town, or community that provides safe public transportation and are healthy enough to walk, you should use public transportation to commute. 

When someone else drives, you can achieve many things with simply a smartphone, especially if there’s WiFi available. There are apps that help you write a movie script/novel, take a class, meditate, create music, read, or listen to podcasts or audiobooks.

Document Your What Ifs:

Whenever a kernel of a story idea (which usually starts as a “what if” question) pops in my head, I document it in my Evernote folder titled “Story Ideas.” Sometimes these story ideas converge into one story. In The Raffle series, many story ideas/questions get answered.

Turn Off The “TV”:

We live in a new golden age of television. Dare I say we live in the greatest era of TV because we can watch wherever, whenever and whatever we want. Always. So, it’s much more important to not become a TV junkie. Yes, TV can be inspiring and spur some creative juices, but so can going for a walk or riding the train. Don’t overly waste your time watching what others have created when you should be creating. 

Write Every Single Day:

Commit to writing every day. At least 250 words of something. Exercise that muscle. There are Daily Writing Apps that will send you email prompts if you can’t think of something. The more you write, the easier it gets. Period. 

Write Everywhere and Anytime:

If you only try to write in the morning or late at night on your laptop or desktop, that’s ok, but I have found using my Smartphone as my primary writing tool by using apps like Microsoft Word or Scripts Pro, I am able to produce the word count I have committed while waiting in line for food, or the doctor, or while my wife is shopping or my daughter is in ballet. 

In the past four years, my wife and I have had two children. My wife is surgeon, so I need to be around more for the children. I am also a partner in a large, international law firm. I also am a podcaster, a law school professor, investor, advisor and a writer. The only way it works is using the above 5 Tips to find the time to write. I hope you can implement some in your own life and to find your own success. Best of luck! 

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