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Mercy Book Tour- Mercy Book Review

Today is the third and final instalment of my participation with the Mercy book tour. Before I get into the mercy book review I would like to thank both Eniola Prentice and Amber Holcomb for allowing me to participate in this book tour! When I finished Still the first book in this series I was in shock at the ending, I knew I had to start the second one right away and see what happens! Let’s have a look at my Mercy Book Review.

About the Book

Broken. Drowning. Desperate. Lost.

When the lives and hearts of four friends start to crumble, can God’s mercy reach them still?

In her second year of medical school, Fadesola (Sola) Cardoso faces an impossible choice: stay with her longtime boyfriend, the one who knows her darkest secrets and loves her anyway, or move forward with Ladi, the man who gives her hope for an unstained future. Even as she wrestles with her options, life as a medical student becomes increasingly difficult—full of endless exams, stressful social activities, and reminders of a past that continues to haunt her.

Ladi struggles with Sola’s divided loyalties while trying to maintain his perfect image as class president, promising student, and model Christian. But scandals inside and outside the lecture hall threaten to break apart the fragile peace once and for all between Ladi, Sola, and their friends Nikky and Tayo, who are fighting battles of their own.

In this epic second instalment in Eniola Prentice’s new-adult Still series, the faith of these four medical students will be tested like never before. Discover their gritty troubles and grand triumphs as they navigate friendships, revelations, romance, and career goals in light of the redemptive power of the cross.

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Mercy Book Review

My First Thoughts

When I finished Still the first book in this series I was in shock at the ending, I knew I had to start the second one right away and see what happens! I began to devour the book right away, NEEDING to know what happened with Sola, Ladi, Nikky and Tayo! Right from chapter one, I knew this book would be an amazing read and I was excited!


After reading Still book one in the series I felt like I really knew the characters when I started this book. Although I saw the inner turmoil these characters had in book one they have truly deepened and have become even more complicated! Each character is dealing with their own inner turmoil on top of getting through medical school and passing their exams,

From following the characters lives through Steadman College in Still and Mercy I have seen some significant changes in Sola’s character. She has become stronger than she thought she was in regards to her past but she is still struggling with choosing between two men who love her. You have to adore a love triangle right?

It has been a great privilege to follow these four characters and their story through both books and watch how their struggles shaped them into the people they have become at the end of Mercy.


This storyline is also an intriguing one! But unlike book one I didn’t have the mystery of what happened between Tayo and Sola because I had found that out in book one but I had the mystery of not knowing what would happen next between these characters since the truth came out. Will Sola tell Nikky and Ladi? Will Tayo get punished? Why did he do it? Will I get these answers? We see that each characters inner struggles thickens the plot as each book progresses.

My final thoughts

I truly enjoyed reading both of these books. Mercy was an outstanding book and I am so so excited for book three to find out what happens next in the lives of Sola, Nikky, Tayo and Ladi!

If you enjoy new adult books full of mystery and real-life problems you must check out these two books!!

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About The Author

My journey as a writer began with an idea—an idea that blossomed into a vision for the Still series. I became fully committed to Christ around 2008 when I began medical school. Shortly after, the idea for the Still series was birthed. My time in medical school was one of the more formative seasons of my life. I made lifelong friendships and, most of all, my journey with Christ really began. Although there were challenging times, I would without a doubt relive the experience in a heartbeat!

I published Still (book 1 in the series) right before residency, and now—five years later—the next book in the series has been published. In the time in between, I was the prodigal daughter and walked away from my Father. Everything on the surface looked good, but my heart was far away from Him. His love never left me, though, and He welcomed me home when I came back to Him. I went through painful processes, but they changed me and made me a better person. The girl who wrote Still is not the woman who wrote Mercy.  

I am passionate about sowing godly seeds into the hearts of young women. I know how it is to be brokenhearted and believe the lies of the devil because his version of events is all you’re told. I know how it is to truly believe that you are not loved by God because of the events of life.

My hope is that, through my writing, you’ll come to know that God truly loves you and cares about you affectionately. He is close to your broken heart and binds up every wound.

I guess the author bio should be about milestones and, like the quintessential dramatic Nigerian aunty, I have missed the mark. I am a Nigerian-born, American-educated physician who lives in Maryland—but I believe I am more than well-constructed bullet points. I am a child of God through the ups and downs of life, and that will remain constant.

Eniola Prentice

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With Love,

Anne xxx

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  1. Yay! So glad you enjoyed Mercy and this series so far, Anne! Thank YOU again for participating in the tour and helping us spread the word about Eniola’s new book. 🙂 It’s been a pleasure getting to work with you!

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