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My First Experience Of Zuu

I have been in New Zealand a little over two weeks and I have begun to eat healthy, cooking dinner from scratch and have been to two fitness classes! Today I wanted to give you an insight into my first experience of Zuu, how I felt before, during and after the class and if I will continue with it or not but first…

For so long I have been very unhappy with how I look. I never liked my chubby tummy and have always been very self-conscious at showing my body. While in school I wore many layers to cover up my body because of this too.

Within the last two years, I have slowly have begun to feel a little bit comfortable in my body the way it was. I learned to accept the way I was but in the back of my mind, I knew that I wanted to lose some weight and tone up so I’m not as chubby anymore but I never had the motivation or determination to keep me working towards my fitness goal. Don’t get me wrong, while living in Ireland I did try and become fit but I never had anyone pushing me towards my goal like I had when Ryan was with me for those two months so I slowly lost interest and eventually gave up. Now here I am.

Today I wanted to give you an insight into my first experience of Zuu, how I felt before, during and after the class and if I will continue with it. What is Zuu? Zuu is a system of movements based on animal movements.

What Is Zuu?  

Zuu is a system of movements based on animal movements.

For so long I sat and listened to my boyfriend talking about his Zuu class and I honestly had no idea what it was apart from something to do with fitness. Ryan loves everything to do with fitness and I truly admire his eagerness, his motivation and his dedication to his fitness and health. While he was in Ireland with me he was basically my personal trainer helping me work towards my goal of becoming fit by starting me on my fitness journey and helping me to reach the summit of Croagh Patrick but once he left that diminished and I gave up. But, I knew once I arrived in New Zealand my lifestyle would change for the better and boy was I right.

Before Zuu

Within my second or third day of moving here I started eating very healthy and cut out sugar from my diet. It helps when none of that stuff is in the cupboards looking at me and tempting me! Ryan was determined to get me working out right away with Zuu on a Sunday morning. Being honest I REALLY REALLY didn’t want to do it for two reasons. Reason number one: my anxiety. I am a very anxious person with meeting new people and these were people who my boyfriend got along with and who are a part of his life which was terrifying. The second reason was because it was a fitness class. I felt very uncomfortable working out in front of other people because I felt like I would be watched and judged by these people who have been doing this class for so long.

Thoughts like “what if I do it wrong?”, “ what if I embarrass myself or even worse Ryan?” were running through my head. As soon as our alarm went off on the Sunday morning I felt my anxiety peak and I had a huge ball of dread in the bottom of my stomach. I tried to convince Ryan to let me stay at home but he refused and we got ready to go. Arriving at the club I again tried to convince Ryan to just let me stay in the car and again I got a no. I was ready to run at that point but I couldn’t because people had already seen me there.

I got welcomed me with open arms and everyone was so lovely but I was still very anxious and wanted to run as far away as possible which wouldn’t have worked because I’m unfit but I wasn’t thinking very clearly! Nothing could have stopped me from running except my own stubbornest and my want to live a more healthy lifestyle so I sucked it up and focused on ME.

During Zuu

Before I jump into the exercise part I want to talk a little bit about Fundamental Force and the owners Cole and Maureen. Cole and Maureen but these classes together to put “people first and fitness second”. Joining the class I was welcomed into the family and I felt slightly more at ease. I got hugs, my cheeck kissed and my hand shaken by everyone within the group and I couldn’t believe how nice everyone was being to me. It was very strange but a really nice change for me.

Today I wanted to give you an insight into my first experience of Zuu, how I felt before, during and after the class and if I will continue with it. What is Zuu? Zuu is a system of movements based on animal movements.

We started the class with getting a “touch” this means just high fiving everyone in the group and get the heart and adrenaline pumping for the next forty minutes of hard work. I thought this was really cool and a fun way to show that we are all here for the same thing get fit and get healthy and we were all there to support each other.

The hard work then began, we done our warm up, a group work out and then partner workouts which I found really good. Don’t get me wrong I struggled a lot but I enjoyed it by supporting your partner while they are doing their workout and cheering everyone on!

Cole and Maureen knew exacrly what they were doung and definitely motivted everyone in that room to do their very best and to push themselves. This class is very family orientated which is a huge part of the kiwi culture. It was very different from what I am used to but also really refreshing and nice!

After Zuu

After everyone of us died we all got up off the floor and headed out for breakfast, which is also more evidence of the family orientated style that Cole and Maureen were thriving to create within their classes. I felt really good and so much more relaxed and at ease than I was at the beginning of the class. It was definite that I would be doing it again. Once Ryan and I got back into the car I gave him a kiss and thanked him for dragging me along to take part in that class.

My thoughts

I never believed that fitness could be fun but Cole and Maureen made Zuu so much fun. We had music playing, pushing us further along and urging us to push ourselves as hard as we can. I truly enjoyed my experience of Zuu and I would definitely recommend that you give it a go. Although, it is hard and I was in pain the day after but it was definitely worth it! The class may be different for you but Zuu is definitely a great way to workout and get fit! Here’s to starting my fitness journey and sticking with it!

Do you go to any fitness classes?

With Love,

Anne xxx

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