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My new business venture.

For many of you who follow me on social media you have probably seen my posts on my new business venture into health and wellness. If you don’t follow me (you totally should using the push buttons on this page) you now know I have joined an essential oils company.

I want to track my health and fitness journey with you all so I have added this new category to my blog!

How did I find the company?

I was approached by the lovely Michelle who is my sponsor and up line within the business. She has offered me an amazing opportunity and I’m lucky enough that she found me through Instagram.

What does the company entail?

You have three main options on becoming a part of this company. You can be a customer who just buys the amazing products we have to offer, you can join as a wholesale customer and get some discounts or you can join as a wellness advocate and start your own business and make some money while using and sharing these products.
As of today I am still trying to complete all the training and get a strong footing in this business. This is completely new to me. It makes me so so excited to be allowed the opportunity to create my own business with both this blog and my essential oils business!

Why did I join?

Everyday I get up, I have to swallow pills to help me function properly throughout the day. Due to my depression and anxiety. I hate this and it makes me not want to take any other sort of medication if I can. Luckily now that I have become aware of some alternative products to medication. These are known as essential oils.
I would love to use these natural products to live a healthier lifestyle. I joined to also help others who have problems either with themselves that I may be able to help without them having to take medication. It would amazing to help people to take all natural products and not fill themselves with chemicals.
mental health

What am I most excited for?

I’m excited to learn all about natural health and essential oils, I’m excited to start my journey in natural health and fitness. I’m also excited to help people in their natural health journey and maybe earn some extra money.

I want to be my own boss. Having one part time job that I hated every single day made me realise one thing. I knew I never wanted to have someone above me and telling me what to do. I’m determined to make a career out of blog, my business and my writing. The dream would be to make an income while I travel the world! How amazing does that sound?!

My first experience with the products.

Yesterday I received my package that I ordered! I ordered an introductory kit to essential oils that contain lavender, peppermint and lemon essential oil. The excitement was real!

I haven’t tried the lemon essential oil but I have used the peppermint oil to wake me up during the day when I’m feeling a bit groggy and tired. Another great way to use this oil is to rub some of it onto my temples when I get a headache. It works wonders and smells amazing.

My favourite oil so far is the lavender oil. Last night I had the most amazing sleep after placing some lavender oil on my pillow, on the soles of my feet and wrists. I also inhaled some of the oil to get it into my system quick. I was out like a light in no time!

Although I have decided to start waking up earlier to get some reading and a workout fit into my schedule I loved sleep too much this morning and ignored my alarm three times and was instantly asleep again!

The next product I ordered was the natural whitening toothpaste. I’m super excited to see the results of this toothpaste and I will share the results with you all! I also bought a tropical flavoured lip balm which smells absolutely gorgeous.


This post has been a bit chatty so let me know if you enjoy these chatty/life update posts so I can start doing it more often! Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!

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Anne xx

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8 thoughts on “My new business venture.

  1. Dude, Anne I’m so stoked for you! EO are a life saver! I really encourage you to read up on all the goods and try them one by one, start with a little and move your way up to more intense experiences on the bad days when yiu find what works best for you. Get a diffuser, they are so work it and so affordable. Lavender does wonders for relaxing. Peppermint is heaven when sick or stuffy. And orange is total bliss to liven up a day, or lemon to put a spring in your step. Theres some great blends for focus, and working on a blog for example.

    I’m working on a business plan! I’ll share it with you soon!

  2. I loved the chatty post. I also have to say a massive thank you Anne for your advice about the Lavender oil. I ordered some, and it came so quickly! You were right when you said to rub it into my temples when I get a headache, it helps! It helps my pain when I put it in the bath, as it helps my muscles relax. Plus I massaged it into my feet, and that helped the pain I have in my feet as it helped me sleep. Anne I can’t thank you enough for your help! ♥️
    Plus the blog post was awesome, and I love how chatty it is! Awesome work! 😊♥️ Xxx

  3. I like the chattiness! I love lavender, though I haven’t tried it in this way, I often just buy bubble bath lavender stuff, but it looks like essential oils are a good way to get you to sleep! I might have to try some myself. I have heard a lot of good stuff about aroma therapy as an alternative therapy along side conventional. A lot of people say it really works, I can understand this as essential oils are very powerful tinctures. For example clarey sage actually can help bring on labour! its so strong that pregnant women are advised to avoid it. I’ve seen first hand how calming and relaxing aromatherapy can be for palliative patients I have cared for. I hope things go well for your new venture! X

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