My top five favourite horror movies.

Blogtober Day 13: 


Seeing as it is Blogtober and almost Halloween I think it’s about time that I share my top five favourite horror movies. In a previous post I have mentioned that when I am having a bad day I watch horror movies to cheer myself up. You can read this post here.


If you haven’t seen any of these movies I suggest that you give these a watch. They aren’t full of jump scares and unnecessary scenes just to make it scary. Those sort of things just ruin a horror movie. My favourites are very clever and make you think throughout the movie.


Let’s discuss my five favourite movies.




This is my all time favourite horror movie. Saw always cheers me up when I’m feeling shit. Saw is such a psychological horror movie. It is absolutely amazing. Yes it’s gory but once you get past the gore you’ll love it.


Before I watched saw I could not watch anything with gore in it. If I did I would squirm and hide my eyes when the gore popped up. Saw cured me. Funnily enough.


While Ryan and I were visiting the wax museum I almost let out a girly scream when I came face to face with Billy on his tricycle. I was so excited and happy!


The Conjuring


This was the first horror movie that I went to see in the cinema. My Aunt brought me and I had a great time. I really enjoyed this movie. It is based on the stories of Ed and Jane Warren, who helped families when supernatural happenings occurred.


This is the movie that made me LOVE horror movies. As soon as this movie ended I knew I was hooked. This horror movie was absolutely amazing.


As I said it’s based on Ed and Jane Warren’s paranormal stories. A family has just moved into a new house and strange things begin to happen.  




When I was bored I started looking for something to watch on Netflix. I came across Hush, the description caught my eye right away and I knew this would be my sort of movie. The description was:


A deaf writer who retreated into the woods to live a solitary life must fight for her life in silence when a masked killer appears in her window.”


I absolutely loved this movie! It was full of suspense, drama and although we only meet five characters throughout the movie I felt connected with it. Although at the end I was left with some questions but it didn’t take anything away from the suspenseful movie.


As the main character is deaf there’s not much speaking in the movie but you don’t need words to explain what was happening.


You need to see this movie!




When I was younger I was told about this movie. At that time I wasn’t a fan of horror movies so never really thought about it again. After watching The Conjuring I then began searching for horrors to watch.


I found Insidious on Netflix and was hooked as soon as it began. There were a few jump scares that made the movie really really good.


There are now three other movies after Insidious continuing the movie. I didn’t enjoy this as much as the first.


I would definitely recommend the movie!


Would you rather


And for my final movie recommendation is “ Would You Rather “.This movie was so good. The twists are amazing and the ending is just perfect! I’ve rewatched this movie tonnes of time and I love it each and every single time!


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8 thoughts on “My top five favourite horror movies.

  1. Yes! I love horror films, just not the way I feel after they finish and I’m alone haha. I’m so excited to start watching The Haunting of House Hill on Netflix. The Insidious films are some of my favourites too 🙂

  2. I will always like Ringu, the original Japanese version, and Carrie. I don’t like true horror, especially the new stuff that is coming out as it is superficial, but I like horror mixed with a human element. Carrie and Ringu have those.

  3. Seriously the Saw Series was life changing… I also didn’t do horror or scare until this. It wasn’t even the gore or anything but the captivating story line yo! My sister and I was obsessed with trying to figure out the plot, watching it over and over. When it all came together, idk man, it all just stuck with me forever.

    Value your f*n life, it’s the only one we got. And you better be prepared to do whatever it takes. To survive in this world. To find love and happiness. And then cherish it every second of every moment. There’s no time to lose..


    PS not horror but have you seen The Quiet Place yet? So unique. Since I just had a baby… So scary omg I can’t imagine. Probably shouldn’t have watched it quite yet but.. I did… And it’s brilliant. Again the concept itself, is terrifying

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