My trip to Leeds, Part one: Planning

Hello my lovelies! Welcome back to my blog forever the wanderer. Thank you for reading my posts. On Friday I will be travelling to Leeds to go to a blog event oh the 7th of July. I thought I’d write a post on how my trip was planned. 




When I got my invitation to the blog event I began to research flights. I found flights from Dublin to Leeds using Ryan Air through the third party eSky. I would be flying to Leeds on the 6th of July and flying home early on the 8th. The flights were cheap and I was really excited when I got my confirmation email. The first part of going to Leeds for my first ever blogging event was complete! As my boyfriend likes to do all the time he decided to ruin my plans for the 100th time since I’ve known him. My boyfriend would be in the UK while I was there and decided that our first meet would be in Leeds. Seeing I would be gone all day on the 7th of July we would only have one day to spend together so I decided to change my flights.


Don’t book through eSky! I contacted them through both phone numbers they had on their website, I contacted them through twitter and emailed them countless of times to absolute no avail! I was so angry. I had told them I was willing to pay to change the flights and they still did not contact me. I tweeted an angry tweet about them and tagged them in it and what happened the next morning? At exactly 8am they called me with excuses that I was contacting the wrong place. The lady who called me had no clue what she was doing and I had to keep repeating myself over and over. I was beyond frustrated and finally got my return flight changed to the 9th of July in the afternoon. It cost me more money to change my flight than the flights actually cost me! Things that I do for my boyfriend! Yes Mister I know youre reading this and you should feel lucky about the hassle I went through for you!



Before my plans got changed I had spent a few days searching for the right accommodation for me and found a nice little guest house that could only accommodate one person so I had to cancel that reservation and try find a place for us both to stay. Due to the blog event a lot of accommodations were fully booked but I eventually found a nice cosy place that was cheap enough called Ibis Budget Hotel Bradford. From the pictures it looks comfortable, clean and cosy. I booked this accomodation before my flights got changed so I also had to book an air B&B for our last night in Leeds because our room was booked out for the night of the 8th. Our host seems like a lovely man and the room is quite big and looks very comfortable! I’m really excited because I can make a few blog posts out of this trip.




Seeing as I can’t drive I will need to find a way to get around Leeds. I’ll do this by either public transport or uber. Public transport would be a lot cheaper than uber but also more complicated as I won’t be familiar with the bus or train routes and I will most likely end up lost! During the day I will use public transport  



I needed to decide if I wanted to bring a carry on bag or a suitcase. I decided on a carry on bag because I am only spending four days in Leeds so I don’t need to pack a tonne. As I was bringing a carry on there are certain rules that I need to abide, my liquids need to be no more than 100ml and they need to be in clear plastic bags. I could also have no sharp or dangerous objects. My bag could only weigh 10kg or less. If it weighed anymore I would have to pay an extra baggage cost which can be so expensive! So I have to be careful about how much I pack!   




For every trip you need money! Luckily enough I was working part time and could save up for the flights, accommodation, activities and to eat. I like having my own money and being able to pay for things myself which my boyfriend doesn’t like because I paid for our accommodation in Leeds. After some discussions I finally agreed to allow him to buy dinner for one of the nights.




Leeds is not a touristy place so there is not a whole lot to do. My boyfriend and I enjoy exploring so we want to be able to go out and do things around Leeds for the three days that we are going to be spending there. If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

Thanks so much for reading! Don’t forget to like,comment or share this piece if you liked it. Here you can read about my trip to London back in November. 


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