Planning a weekend away: Guest Post by Nati.

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my Blogtober Challenge. Today I have Nati guest posting on my blog all about planning a weekend away! 

Hi there! I’m Nati and you can find my blog at As a fellow mental health blogger, I’m so excited to be writing a guest post for Forever the Wanderer!


Aside from mental health and self care, I often write about lifestyle and travel, so I thought it would be fitting to share with you my top tips on planning a weekend away!


Whether you’re checking out a new city or staying with friends for a couple of days, this step-by-step guide will make sure you don’t miss a thing!


1. Book your tickets.

Whether you’re boarding a plane or catching a train, I cannot stress how important this is! Not just in terms of literally making your weekend away happen, but also in keeping prices low! Book as far as you can in advance – it’s worth it.


2. Book your accommodation.

Book your tickets before you book where you’re staying! Even if it’s only ten minutes before! There’s always going to be somewhere you can stay, but honey, flights sell out. Trust me!

My go-to sites for booking places to stay are definitely Airbnb and – they’re unbiased an you can always find incredible deals and honest reviews!


3. Search for bloggers who live nearby and check if they’ve done any posts about the city.

Support your (soon-to-be) local bloggers! Search for the city’s hashtag and google it with ‘blog post’ added on! You might find some recommendations from someone who grew up there, or even the top picks of someone who checked it out recently!


4. Tweet asking for recommendations!

Why not throw some questions out there? Somewhere within the void that is Twitter, there’s bound to be someone that would love to help you out and let you know their favourite places in the area!


5. Try to plan at least one activity/organised event per day so that you don’t miss out on anything! Make a list of the things you’re desperate to see, the places you’re desperate to eat and the places you’re desperate to shop – try to keep it short so you can make sure you cram everything in!

Get the fun sh*t done that you’ve always wanted to do – plan it out so it definitely happens! Desperate to check out that Insta-worthy cafe? Buzzing to get a snap of that famous beach sunset? Write it down and schedule it in so that you know you’ve made time for it.


6. Go through your to-do list and use Google Maps to figure out which ones are in the same-ish area, so you can plan to do them on the same day!

The height of efficiency and the height of enjoying every single place you’ve got on your list! Google Maps is your best friend – before your trip and whilst you’re there!


7. Make a packing list.

This is something that might sound incredibly boring – okay, it is pretty boring – but it’s definitely worth it! It’s super important not only in making sure that you don’t forget to take anything, but also in making sure you don’t forget to bring anything back!


8. Sort out a spending budget for your trip.

If you’re really going all out for the organisation thing, divide it into four categories – eating, shopping, activities and misc. – this way things stay on track and you know you’re not going to have to go home to pot noodles for a month (not that I’ve done this….)!


I hope you find this post helpful in getting the most out of your weekend away and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!


What are your favourite places for a weekend away?


Don’t forget to say hi over on Twitter, where you can find me at @naticreates!


Nati x

planning a weekend away
planning a weekend away

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