Product review and collab with PPE Work Solutions.

Recently I replied to a tweet by this lovely company PPE Work Solutions and we have decided to work together. I received three bags that I picked out in exchange for a review. Sadly one that I chose wasn’t in stock but they sent me another bag that is similar to the one that I picked out. I also have a discount code for you to treat yourself.
PPE Work Solutions sells workwear clothing and safety gear along with these bags. I really enjoyed working this company so let’s have a look at the goodies that I received!

 Quadra QD885 NuHide Saddle Bag.

This is my favourite bag out of the lot. I have been using this bag each time I leave the house. It has a gorgeous leather feel and it feels everything I need in it. Doesn’t this bag look amazing? The only thing I had to do with this bag was tighten the strap because it was quite long but that’s all.

It reaches my thigh and has a gorgeous design. I LOVE this bag and you need to get it too if you love over the head bags. You can find the saddle bag here. I have had a few handbags but when they’re full of my belongings they hurt my arm because it gets heavy. So I do enjoy a good over the shoulder bag.


 BagBase BG683 Westcove Canvas Tote

A great bag for taking on a weekend away. A huge reason why I chose this bag is because Ryan and I were going to Dublin for two days because he was leaving for home. I packed this bag instead of bringing a bigger bag. My packing included my laptop, my notebooks and stationery, two sets of clothes and food we wanted to bring with us

It’s very durable bag and it has a black bottom so if you put it down on the ground it’s not noticable if it gets dirty. It’s a great bag and I love it. You can find the tote bag here.


Quadra QD886 NuHide Bucket Bag

This is another bag with the leather feel. It’s a smaller bag but can go very well on a night out or if you are going out. It’s a very classy look. I’m heading out tonight and can’t wait to use this bag to match my outfit!


I know I know! You are STILL waiting on the 20% discount code. The wait is long over! The discount code is 2018WINTER. The code is valid until December 31st so get your goodies today! Happy shopping!!

A huge huge thank you to PPE Work Solutions for working with me and letting me review your products. Do you like reading reviews? Check out more here

Anne xx


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