Silent Voices Review

Silent Voices Review (ARC)

Book: Silent Voices 

Author: Fran Lewis 

Publication date: June 10th 2019 

Genre: horror and suspense 

Rate: 3 STARS 

This is a collection of short stories which I found difficult to write this review for. I reviewed each story separately, added up those rates and then divided it by the number of stories in this collection which ultimately gave me a 2.8 rating which I rounded up to 3. 

Story one: 5 stars 

Really impactful story that shows the torture that Jews went through during their oppression in World War Two. It’s really hard reading about the pain and torture that these poor people went through. 

Story two: 3 stars 

This is also a sad read and tells the story of how a young girl was sent to America to become a servant and how her life seemed pretty miserable. I don’t really understand how this woman could be sad and never smile for her whole life when she had a good husband who gave her four children whom she loved and eventually they grew apart. 

Story three: 1 stars 

This felt like a child wrote this story. It was in the first person. It doesn’t flow very well and I just slogged through this story.  

Story four: 1 star 

Again this feels like this story has been written by a child and I struggled to get through this story even though it’s a short story. 

Story five: 5 stars 

I really enjoyed this one. It was such a clever story of how a woman who seemed weak and vulnerable learnt as much as she could about her grandchildren who were trying to get rid of her  and used it against them 

Story six: 2 stars 

I wasn’t a huge fan of this story. It seemed very rushed and I didn’t get anything out of the story at all compared to some of the others. 

Story seven: 3 stars 

Really intriguing story where telling the truth is illegal. If this was the premise of a full length novel I would actually be really intrigued to read it. 

All in all this short story collection is an okay read. I probably wouldn’t reread this because I don’t feel like short stories are for me because I need more building and character development to connect with the characters, etc. 

About the Author

Fran Lewis taught for 36 years as a staff developer in reading and writing and a dean. She is the author of the Bertha and Tillie series and the author of the Faces behind the stones series as well as her books for caregivers on Alzheimer’s and mj magazine and mj network.

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