Jack the Ripper Tour.

Last Halloween I was in London visiting my friend and we had planned to do the Jack the Ripper tour. You can read all about my London Trip here! I have always been interested in serial killers, murders, etc so this was the perfect activity to take part in on Halloween night. I have a… Read More Jack the Ripper Tour.


My top five fears

Halloween is all about fear, scares and monsters. I like to pretend I don’t have any fears but I do. I think almost everyone in the world has fears, whether they are rational or not.Today I will be discussing my top five fears and facing them. I don’t want my fears to rule my life… Read More My top five fears


The Fall Tag.

Blogtober Day Four:  A huge thank you to Ell for creating this fall tag. You can read Ell’s fall tag here! If you enjoy reading tags you can read my most recent tag of the flawesome award here.  The Rules:  Create your own blog post Make sure you tag back to the creator Ell and… Read More The Fall Tag.