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The Ultimate Guide To Self-Care: Guest Post By Charlotte Underwood.

Welcome back to my Blogtober Challenge. Today I’m excited to have a guest post from Charlotte Underwood on the topic of Self-care. Let’s get into it! 

Self-care is super important for all of us to maintain our mental health. All of us at some point will go through things that leave us feeling worse for wear. We are all vulnerable to our feelings and thoughts, which if ignored, can leave us with mental illness, and as someone who lives with a mental illness, it’s something I wouldn’t want anyone to go through.

So, what is self- care? It’s just about looking after yourself, it could be something like a bath, a cup of tea, a weekend away, basically anything that can relieve a little bit of that pressure that stress has left you with.

Here is my step by step guide to the best self-care routine:

  1.     Learn to be selfish. It’s a horrible word isn’t it? But there is nothing wrong with putting yourself first and giving yourself the respect that you deserve. When we live for others and forget that our own wellbeing matters, it leads to a spiral of mental pain. You are allowed to know your limits and stick to them, you are allowed to make your own choices and follow your own path. You should only live for yourself, just don’t ever be cruel or do harm to another by doing so.
  2.     …. That’s It.

It sounds far too easy right? There should be a bigger list? Maybe I should have included pamper sessions and exercise but frankly, what makes you feel good is completely personal to you. The only universal tip is to be kinder to yourself and take back your worth. When you respect yourself, everything else follows and technically, all those feel good moments, that is self-care – it all ties back to being ‘selfish’.

From this moment on, take back your life, start living it in the way that is most valuable to you, no limits or rules – only that you should never not respect other people, yourself included.



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6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide To Self-Care: Guest Post By Charlotte Underwood.

  1. I think what I usually get icky on the topic of being selfish and putting yourself first is that often those discourses don’t make note that being selfish may bring harm to others. I love that you didn’t omit that because I think it’s really important that by putting yourself first, you aren’t doing any harm to anyone else. Awesome post 😊

  2. This is a great post. I think we can all do with being selfish once in a while as long as we take other people into account. This is something I’m working on myself.

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